Bethenny Frankel Wins Court Victory Removing $12K Monthly Spousal Support for Ex Jason Hoppy

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Bethenny Frankel is waking up a happy woman today and one step closer to finally becoming divorced.

The reality star of The Real Housewives of New York won a sizable court ruling asking that the amount of money she is paying her not-soon-enough ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, be lowered by $12,000 a month for spousal support. However, the court also ruled a trust agreement for the Tribeca apartment invalid, which makes ownership of the marital apartment still an open issue.

Bethenny is particularly pleased that the trust agreement, which was used in an attempt to obtain joint ownership of an apartment that she purchased, was rendered void and invalid due to fraudulent behavior in connection with the execution of the agreement,” her attorney Allan Mayefsky told People.

“We believe that the evidence, including evidence of the husband’s fraudulent behavior and unclean hands, will clearly demonstrate that Bethenny, who is the sole purchaser, is also the sole owner. We are also pleased the court invalidated the award of interim spousal support to Jason based on his waiver in the prenuptial agreement.”

Hoppy‘s lawyer, Bernard Clair, countered by saying that he and his client were themselves “Very pleased about Bethenny‘s definition of winning.”

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Sarcasm aside, insiders are saying the reason the trust agreement was ruled invalid was due to “improper acknowledgement” which in layman’s terms means the document was not properly notarized.

The couple had a prenuptial agreement waiving claims for spousal support or maintenance, and the ruling in Frankel‘s favor cited this agreement, according to court documents. Hoppy maintains that he made payments toward the renovation of the Tribeca property and therefore deserves joint ownership rights. The original price for the property was $5 million and is said to now be worth $7 million. The court will rule later if Hoppy has rights to the property.

Here’s what Hoppy’s attorney had to say about his client is “very happy” attitude about the court ruling.

“Jason is very happy that the court agreed with him that the ownership of the marital apartment is still an open issue and that he will get his day in court,” The attorney added, “We believe that the court was in error when they applied an across the board waiver of the right to receive temporary support when the words to extinguish the right did not appear in the prenup.”


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