‘RHOBH’ Eileen Davidson Goes On Social Media “Blocking Frenzy” Amid Harsh Fan Backlash

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Eileen Davidosn_RHOBH

Eileen Davidson has been on a Twitter blocking spree, managing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan backlash, by simply shutting her critics out.

Eileen has aligned herself with her new girl-crush, Erika Girardi, and the most dubious cast member of the season — Yolanda Foster. Lisa Rinna had been shading Yolanda, but in recent episodes, Rinna has been gradually hustling over to the tick infested, dark side. Lisa Vanderpump has been made a pretty pink target, and Twitter erupted after the last episode, when Eileen snarked on Lisa’s commitment to blast the Yulin Dog Eating Festival.

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Eileen seemed to predict the fan firestorm, when she decided to post a pre-episode link to Yolanda’s ill friend, Ellie O’Connell’s GoFundMe page. Yolanda has been promoting O’Connell’s account, sharing her sickie-pic photographer skills, while squeezing lemons in her $4 million penthouse. Eileen kicked in $500, adding to Yolanda’s $1k donation. O’Connell is currently in a losing battle with ALS.

Eileen passed on Lisa’s organized march to bring awareness and stand against Yulin. No big deal — until she used tasteless blog sarcasm to jab at Lisa, and her heart-wrenching cause. Interestingly, Eileen retweeted another GoFundMe account on Thursday, supporting a woman in need of spine surgery.


Eileen did not offer a donation — evidently, a retweet was her contribution.

Fans continue to batter Davidson, faster than she can block them.

Eileen undoubtedly has sympathy for the sick — but could there be a bonus to her perfectly timed posts? While Lisa Vanderpump cares and fights for animals, Eileen puts her compassionate efforts behind sick people — including Yolanda. Such a contrast makes Lisa look cold to the plight of the ill, while she worries about animals across the globe. Unfortunately for Eileen, her fans are dropping like flies, and the effort will likely fall on blocked ears.

Where will Eileen land with fans, as the season winds down, and the drama go down with fan favorite, Lisa Vanderpump? Stay tuned.


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