‘RHOBH’ Meet Erika Girardi’s Ex Husband & Son [Photos]

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Erika Girardi_RHOBH

Erika Girardi spilled some personal information on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Juicy Scoop, that have fans of The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills raising their eyebrows.

Erika quietly revealed that she made the choice to leave her three-year-old son in New York, to pursue a career in Los Angeles. She worked as a cocktail waitress, then assumed the role of a hotshot lawyer’s wife — not exactly the glitzy career of her dreams. She pursued and married an older man with a fat wallet, who years later, began funding her dream career. Her three-year-old boy would have been in his teens, before his mother found quasi-fame. So what’s the deal with her ex-husband — the one who apparently became mother and father to her child?

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According to, O!HitSErika‘s ex-husband’s name is, Thomas Zizzo, and Erika’s maiden name is Chahoy

Tommy Zizzo_Erika RHOBHThomas Zizzo

Thomas Zizzo is evidently a Renaissance man, who lists himself as investor, creator, and original owner of a male stripper business called Hunk Mansion according to his LinkedIn profile. It appears that Zizzo is running some sort of male strip club, which also coordinates male strip packages for women and couples. Zizzo expanded his business around 2010, and moved the NYC operation to Las Vegas, where he now resides. He briefly owned a Las Vegas bail bonds company, from October of 2011-October 2012. He also lists himself as a marketing specialist, and an investor/consultant in a fur business, called Juliana Furs.


Interestingly, Erika Jayne is splattered all over the company website, and Erika wears the furs in her videos. 

Erika’s son’s name is Tommy Zizzo, he is 23-years old, and a L.A.P.D. police officer. He moved from Jersey City, NJ, to Los Angeles, in 2014.

Erika's son_RHOBHTommy Zizzo

Tom Girardi  allowed Erika the means to build a career in her way, and on her terms. It appears that the Girardi bank account has had a ripple effect. Erika Chahoy has come a long way, from a disenchanted young mom, to strutting her weave before adoring audiences of gay men.

Thomas Zizzo is likely jumping on the Erika Jayne train, and cashing in on his ex-wife’s bankrolled career. Zizzo allegedly raised their son on his own — maybe Erika believes that she owes him that much. Thanks, Mr. Girardi.


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