Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover’s Batman Blog Up & Running Again! #SisterWives

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Sister_Wives_Meri_Brown_Sister Wives

Batman Lives! The online catfish that exposed Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, as a straying Mormon monogamist has resurfaced, after the blog that details the scandalous romance was briefly shut down.

Sam Cooper,” believed to be experienced catfish, Jackie Overton, has thus far dodged legal backlash, since exposing Brown. The shutdown of the “Not Batman Yet” blog gave brief hope to those who make it their mission to silence Overton.

A source spilled the real tea to All About the Tea, after we reported that the blog had vanished. 

“The domain site simply hasn’t yet been renewed. The blog will be up in the next few days.”

The insider was proven correct, because yesterday, “Sam’s” story was up and running, colored by a few spruced up graphics. “Sam” writes,

“I forgot to renew my domain and web hosting with Godaddy. That’s it. I had gotten an email. Then 3 more emails and I just didn’t get around to it. I’m all paid up and we all get to enjoy another year of me. Neat isn’t it Lol Anything else being said, legal issues, I was arrested, or anything like that is totally false and just the trolls trying to start up more lies with creative stories. We are all used to that by now.”

Meanwhile on the Brown front, Meri continues to share her Hallmark sentiments, with her fans.

I wonder if Meri’s fans will ever demand that she speak out in her own words? Word on the cul-de-sac alleges that the show is slated to premiere in May. 

Stay tuned, as “Sam” speaks, and Meri Brown quotes.


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