Holy Blackout! ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Catfish Scammer’s Website Shut Down

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Meri Brown sad Sister Wives and Catfish

Holy Blackout! The online catfish who hooked Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, has been beached and silenced, at least for now.

“Sam Cooper” aka Oklahoma catfish Jackie Overton, pours her slimy heart out into a blog, and the narrative, headed “Not Batman Yet” (www.notbatmanyet.com), has vanished—POOF— into the cybersphere. Gone are the banana memories, voicemails, sexy photos, and the detailed love story between “Sam” and needy reality star, Meri Brown.

Sister Wives_Jackie Overtin_Meri_Tweet

We all know that the evidenced story will live forever, but it appears that some sort of action went down to remove the scandalous testimony from it’s source. Yesterday, Meri Brown alluded to such via Twitter— in her signature, and robotically unoriginal style.

The story began publicly unfolding about six months ago, and ironically,  “Sam” hasn’t been waxing poetic about his lost bronzed love, in recent days. Nonetheless, it appears that “Sam” may have to work some superhero magic, in order to continue to share his story with the world. 

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Both the “Sam” and his associate “Lindsay’s” Twitter accounts have gone private this morning, but as of yesterday, neither Overton persona offered an explanation for the blog blackout.

“Sam” did give his past lover a shout out, in a seeming response to her tweet.   

Sister Wives_Jackie Overtin_Meri_Tweet

What do you think happened? Did legal action permanently beach Overton—or will the gasping catfish flip back into the water, and re-emerge to cyber-woo again?


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