Yolanda Foster Does Damage Control After Being Called Out For Comparing Big Ang’s Cancer to “Invisible” Disease

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Yolanda Foster is active on social media, but many fans believe that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star should put a lid on the Lyme chatter.

On the heels of her recent Twitter blunder, a misstep that was veiled in a kind sentiment towards the deceased Angela Raiola, Yolanda stumbled again, during an exchange on Instagram. The original post was captioned— “Let your smile change the world but never let the world change your smile….. #DoubtersWillBeDoubters #HatersWillBeHaters but #LoversWillBeLovers.”


The hashtags are obnoxiously immature, and one follower nailed Foster for her condescending tone.

“This means that people need to blindly believe whatever you say & not question anything. And people who ask questions & might think that your illness is something else (So these are people not doubting that you’re sick- but not with what you say it is) are just ‘haters’.”

Yolanda assured her followers that looking healthy doesn’t mean that her “invisible illness” isn’t wreaking havoc on her lemon-less reality.

Yolanda responded to a struggling Instagram follower, one of many, who  seem to flock to Bravo’s resident Lyme-loon, for a dose of inspiration. Yolanda’s response is obviously offensive, and especially shocking, given the fact that Yolanda’s mother has battled cancer.

“I get it, I read somewhere; while cancer patients want to live, Lyme patient want to die! But that’s not an option for us mommy’s cause we have to live and have faith that a cure is on the way.”

I know that English is her second language, but REALLY Yolanda? Is she once again comparing the devastation that cancer leaves in it’s wake, to her “journey” with Lyme?

The doltish insensitivity of this remark is jaw-dropping. Yolanda needs to cough up some extra Hadid cash, and pay a mentally stable person to compose her social media comments. Anyone with a fully functioning brain AND heart, will do.


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