Felony Flop! Teresa Giudice’s Products Crash & Burn Since Prison Stint For Fraud [Exclusive]

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Teresa Giudice’s reality has had it’s ups and downs, but her comeback is proving to be a grinding struggle. Potential viewers are dropping like flies since her prison special Teresa Checks In, but a closer look at her commercial projects, tells the real story. Teresa noted that her legal drama has triggered a crash in her off-camera success, during her Watch What Happens Live interview. How bad is it, for a soon to be single mom, needing to bring home the bacon?

Shortly after Teresa’s July of 2013 indictment, investors began to get nervous, and companies such as Youthful 8 (Milania Haircare) and Costco began to take steps to withdraw and distance themselves from the reality felon. The former Milania Hair Care line now sits on a discount salon site, with all mention of the Giudice name erased from the brand.   

Milania Haircare_Teresa_RHONJ

Teresa used to have a line of Italian foods, labeled Skinny Italian. The product line which once consisted of pasta, spaghetti, and sauce is now defunct. Teresa’s gelato venture, Fabulicious Gelato bars, crashed and burned shortly after her sentencing, with the company noting consumer distaste of  the Giudice brand. This announcement came on the heels of the news that Teresa’s book Fabulicious! On the Grill was floundering, and bringing in poor numbers.

Teresa Guidice's "Skinny Italian" Specialty Food Line Launch

In 2014, Teresa’s Fabelini partner, Wine Wave, cut ties with Giudice, triggering Teresa to make the move to trademark the name herself, in an attempt to fund the manufacturing and import of Fabelini on her own. Wine Wave initially entered into the venture after Giudice’s previous partner dumped her, post-indictment. Wine Wave followed suit, and due to Teresa’s criminal-stink, the product is now defunct, another product in Giudice graveyard of criminal consequences.


Teresa was hustling until she was dragged to prison, and one of her last ventures was a series of cooking videos, monikered Haute Hostess, and sponsored by Glam. There has been no sign of a Haute Hostess revival, since Teresa’s release. Perhaps a sprung slammer-torn felon doesn’t exactly scream “Glam.” 

Teresa’s website is a product ghost town, and all previous links to the above mentioned products have been deleted. Consumers have spoken, and have soundly rejected goods represented and endorsed by a woman who stole from others, in order to live the high life. Teresa continues to hawk her prison memoir, giving a glimmer of endorsed hope to a shrinking trickle of fans, willing to cough up their cash. Will Teresa be able to reinvent herself, and ever appeal to paying customers again? 


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