Haute Glam Alert: Teresa Giudice & Dina Manzo Release New Years Eve Video BEFORE Christmas!

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Teresa Giudice RHONJ

It’s time for some New Year’s Eve festivities, GLAM style! I guess we are jumping past Christmas, and lucky for us, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice are going to guide us through creating that perfect welcome to 2015. Brace yourselves, because these projects are a little challenging, and cover everything from tinsel to tomatoes. What would we do without these quasi Martha Stewarts?

The first thing I noticed, is that although the two women are about the same height, Teresa has apparently treated herself to a new, 2015 push up bra, because her breasts are parked about six inches higher than her sidekick’s. Once I adjusted to the protruding distractions, it was time to move onto the first clever craft, which involves yanking some garland off your curbside Christmas tree, and hot gluing it around some sticks to jazz up those Fabellini cocktails. Dina suggested an alternative pom pom bedazzlement, which brought to mind visuals of a glue laden pom pom floating in my guest’s bubbly. A choking hazard maybe, but SO festive! The swoopy hot glue strands add the perfect finishing touch to this snazzy project. Don’t throw out those stocking stuffer Altoid tins! Who knew that a few sheets of craft paper, a gambling pencil, and a little plastic pig could serve as  such an encouraging way for your friends to welcome in the new year!

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One way to bring meaning back to snoozy flowers is Dina’s idea to write the meaning of the flower, what you wish, want, hope, or would kill for on a tag hanging off a dollar store bud vase. I feel like a deeper thinker just watching the segment, so mission accomplished Dina! I am reasoning that a tag with ‘freedom’ thoughtfully jotted on it would be an absolute must! The next craft involves a paper clock under a glass plate, and Teresa impresses, as she Vanna Whites it up during the demo. Thankfully, Dina shares her inside know how, and reminds us that if we are struggling to find that perfect template, Googling ‘CLOCK’ always works.

A New Year’s Eve party is nothing without snacks, so it’s Teresa to the rescue, as she walks us step by step through her Bruschetta Classica recipe.  Basically it’s a recipe any fifth grader can manage, especially because the tomato hunks are ginormous, minimizing any need for a sharp knife.  My hopes are dashed when neither Housewife tries the tasty dish, because  Dina’s cream sweater would have made the perfect landing spot for one of those huge tomato chunks.

The outtakes are long, dreary, and way too full of giggling ‘blowing on camera’ quips.  So there ya go! All of your New Year’s details handled in five minutes!  These hostesses are simply the HAUTEST…well, at least until January 5th.

Watch the video below:


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