MTV Captures PREGNANT Maci Bookout Drinking Alcohol On Camera — Watch Video!

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Maci Bookout_Teen Mom OG

Maci Bookout’s Teen Mom OG journey rolls on tonight, and the 24-year-old reality star has never looked more “teen.”

On Sunday, Maci spilled that she is knocked-up with lucky #3, and claims to have discovered the pregnancy hours after becoming engaged to baby daddy, Taylor McKinney. According to the due date shared by Bookout, McKinney caved to ring-begging Maci at about the 21-week pregnancy mark. Maybe their unborn son’s rib kicking was the arm-twister, that triggered McKinney into making an honest woman out of his MTV cash cow.

All About the Tea exposed a disturbing pattern of apparent alcohol consumption during the first trimester of Bookout’s pregnancy, and in a preview clip from the show airing tonight, Maci is caught on film, having a cocktail.

While footage is not always aired in sequence, Bookout makes reference to the passing of her son’s birthday, which occurred on October, 27th, as well as an upcoming tonsil surgery. This would make Maci at the very earliest, 9-weeks pregnant, and according to a revealing Instagram post, dated November 16th, Maci may have even been in the last days of her first trimester.

Maci notes feeling “pissy” and overwhelmed in the vid…maybe because she’s PREGNANT? While Maci carefully chose Valentine’s Day to reveal her heart shaped bundle, is she alleging that she sought NO prenatal care for HALF of her pregnancy?

A gushing Twitter follower incited a response from Bookout, who co-signed the farce that is being dished to fans.

MTV is allowing Maci to afford her brood, but Bookout is certainly blasting monster holes through her “fantastic mom” self-proclamation, as she boozes it up, and supposedly ignores prenatal responsibility.

Two possible scenarios are in the mix here. The first is that Maci is an eternal teen dunce, who needs to sign up for “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” Maci is a mother of two, and certainly knows what being pregnant feels like, so common sense would tell a different story. Maci probably wanted to drink at least half of her pregnancy away, and didn’t want to admit that she had to pin Taylor to the mat and wave an MTV check in his face, to force him to put a ring on it. McKinney proposed hours before Maci’s tummy popped, and it certainly appears that his annoying beard was rammed against a nursery wall. The latter would mean that she has indeed been checking in with a doctor, and has been drinking undercover. So which is it?

It’s time for this “Teen Mom,” to come clean.


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