Maci Bookout Announces 3rd Pregnancy — BUSTED For Hiding Baby & Covering Alcohol Use!

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Maci Bookout, 24, dropped a heart-shaped bomb on this Valentine’s Day, announcing the news that the Teen Mom OG star is pregnant with her third child. Lucky number three is a boy, and will be her second with fiancee, Taylor McKinney. Viewers have watched Maci’s story unfold on Teen Mom, and many have followed her seven year journey with son Bentley, and baby daddy, Ryan Edwards. 

Maci’s storyline this season has revolved around her frustrated desire to marry her boyfriend, Taylor, and his reluctance to put a ring on his MTV breadwinner. We have also witnessed Maci leave both children with Ryan’s mother, to take off and party with her friends. The purported details  surrounding this tale throw all kinds of shade on Maci, and it doesn’t take an astute viewer to fire baseball sized holes into her story.

Maci is claiming in an MTV interview that she found out that she was pregnant, just after her engagement to Taylor, which she announced on January 19th.

According to her alleged due date of May 30th, she would have been 21 weeks pregnant, on January 19th. A typical woman discovers a pregnancy  around 6 weeks, to the youthfully clueless I’ll cut a break, and allow an  outside chance of 8 weeks. Come ON Maci…you became knocked up again, then flipped out about being perpetually unmarried. Giving away the milk for free is burying Maci in children, and the single life is lookin’ extra white-trashy! Honestly, few really expect much more from Maci, anyway. 

There is a much larger issue with the timing of this pregnancy, that being the fact that fans have witnessed Maci knock back a few, on more than a couple of occasions. MTV footage is sometimes aired out of order, but Maci would have absolutely known about her bun in the oven, during at least part of the filming season. An Instagram photo, as well as a shot captured on Halloween, expose the young mom with what appears to be alcohol.


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.56.30 PM

Maci might wiggle off the hook with those photos, but according to a picture taken during The Outback Bowl (Tennessee vs Northwestern), on January 1st, Maci is enjoying the game with a beer. The pic is captioned, “Thanks for the sweet shoes mom!! #OutbackBowl #VolNation.”

Maybe that choice pic is why Maci is selling that she didn’t know that she was pregnant, for another 18 days. Maci’s Instagram account is strangely void of body shots, with only carefully angled, or belly-camouflaged shots, posted over the past three months. The pattern is suspect, considering that she claims that she knew nothing about the baby until mid January, HALFWAY through the pregnancy.    

All About the Tea did a report last March, exposing with compelling evidence the allegation that MTV offers bonuses to their post-teen stars, when they agree to crank out more children. During the last episode, we heard Taylor and Maci both make reference to their identities as MTV reality stars. Maci is evidently shooting to hit the MTV jackpot, with this latest addition.

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Maci Bookout is busted, and like any typical 24-year-old teen, is scrambling to cover up her knocked-up truth. Maci has accomplished the unthinkable…making Ryan Edwards look mature.      


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