Amber Portwood Fiancee BUSTED for 8th Child — New Woman Tags Baier as Baby Daddy

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Teen Mom OG couple Amber Portwood and fiancee, Matt Baier, have been hammered in recent days, after Gary Shirley nailed the couple on-camera, exposing Baier, 44, as a father of seven. 

The heat has been cranked up, after another baby mama surfaced, bringing Matt’s offspring count up to at least eight. Amber and Matt responded in real-time, as well as on the show, mixing vague denials and blaming past addiction in an  attempt to explain their side.  Five baby mamas have joined together to seek unpaid support, in Indiana court.  The latest woman to come forward, Kelli Nunn, is not involved in the case.

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Kelli Maguire Nunn, who was also engaged to Matt, spoke to Radar Online  and shared some eerie similarities between the romance fans have witnessed on MTV, and the one she shared with Matt. Kelli and Matt met while working in a Boston Frito-Lay warehouse, in 2007. The couple was living together, within a month. Nunn claims that the Baier’s romeo shtick hasn’t changed. 

“He asked me to meet him at work, and he gave a very similar speech,” Nunn says. “He said, ‘This is where we met and bonded, we’re two peas in a pod.’ It was almost verbatim what he said to Amber.”

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Baier insisted on a baby quickly, and within weeks, Nunn was pregnant. A month later, Baier was gone, according to Nunn.  Nunn described Baier’s first meeting with his child, when she was one month old. 

“He introduced himself to her as his sperm donor,” Kelli remembers. “So I kicked him out.”

Two years later, Baier wanted back in Nunn’s life, and the couple briefly reconciled.  During a family trip, Baier revealed his character again, when describing his time with his daughter.    

“He said, ‘I’ve been spending a lot of time with her. I know she’s mine and I should feel a bond, but I don’t feel anything,” Nunn claims.

Nunn took their daughter and left, and hasn’t seen Baier since, their only communication being emails regarding overdue child support. 

Nunn describes seeing Baier on television for the first time, six years later.

“I was freaking out, my phone was blowing off the hook!” she says, noting that her friends also immediately recognized Matt.

Nunn alleges that when she called MTV, they expressed interest in a televised meeting between Kelli, her daughter, and Amber. Instead fans watched Amber’s baby daddy, Gary Shirley, drop the bomb on camera, accusing Matt of having seven children with five different women. Amber initially denied the allegation, but later claimed to “know about” five of Matt’s children. 


That leaves two children unaccounted for by Baier, not counting the daughter he supposedly shares with Nunn.

“He’s a pathological liar, a con man, ” Nunn claims. “I bet he thinks he found the jackpot with Amber.”

Baier was a Teen Mom groupie when he approached Amber on Twitter in the summer of 2014. Nunn offers a message to Portwood, warning her about her sleazy ex. 

“You can’t fix him, and you’re going to be hurt by him,” the concerned mom warns. “It’s going to be you and Leah getting hurt by him. You deserve better.”

Reportedly, Baier admitted dating Nunn, but denies fathering the child. Does anyone believe anything Matt says?  Oh right, Amber Portwood does. 


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