‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood Responds To Allegations About Matt Baier’s 7 Kids!

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Amber Portwood with fiancee Matthew Baier_Teen Mom OG

Amber Portwood is standing firm, defending her fiancee, Matt Baier after Teen Mom OG dad, Gary Shirley, busted him on camera for having seven kids, with five active cases of child support filed against him.

Amber and Matt filmed a spot for MTV News, and responded to the unsettling discovery. 

“There have been many stories and allegations surrounding Matt’s past,” Amber said in a statement. “Just as my own journey has proven, people make mistakes and should be given a second chance without being judged solely on those choices. We are happy and focused on building our future together.”

Matt claims to have five children, not seven or eight, and never mentions grandkids. Amber alleges to have known about them all, and says that they just didn’t want the information “out.” Amber attributes the brood as a consequence of Matt’s past as a “womanizing user,” and an addict. Amber also asserts that the couple suffered a “rough patch” because of Gary’s whammy, and that she had lost all trust in Matt. WHY would she lose trust in Matt, if she KNEW about all of his children?

Amber states that the couple had to rebuild trust…why would that be necessary if she knew Matt’s truth all along? Amber comments that Matt says five, but even if there were TEN kids, all would be swell. Evidently, as long as Matt is lying about his loser past, all is good.

Matt loftily states that “whether the information was accurate or not,” Gary should not have referred to his multiple offspring as a negative issue. According to Matt, Gary’s findings were NOT true…so is he now defending imaginary kids, along with the real ones? Matt also states that while Gary didn’t know, no one should assume that Amber was in the dark. So WHY was Amber’s trust in Matt shattered again?

Another thing…why the look of sheer terror on Matt’s face during the last episode, and why did he blow off at MTV producers, if this was already realized and digested information? Matt vaguely explains that “his older kids” have a wonderful mother and father, and that he did them a favor by staying away from them. Neither Matt nor Amber address the alleged active child support cases. Hang onto that MTV paycheck, Amber!

Matt and Amber enjoy a quick romantic moment, when they share that they originally bonded over their common past existences as junkie losers. They are now “cleaned up,” in a “great place” and are free to share their couch dwelling realities with their MTV fans.

These video clip explanations do not align with what viewers watched on the last episode of Teen Mom OG. They both agree that Gary is the worst, and refuse to admit that the info was a shock, or on-target. However, Amber states that Gary “knew,” and chose when the cameras were rolling to drop the bomb.

The couple’s on-camera demeanor reveals far more than these contrived videos, where the whole truth was obviously dodged. Matt and Amber forget that not all of their viewers are distracted teenagers. They need to do better than this. 


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