EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jenelle Evans History of Alleged Domestic Abuse…Who’s The Real Victim?

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Jenelle Evans smokes and gets pizza at Sbarro with her friend Amber Lane right after they land in NYC

Teen Mom” has hit the airwaves again, with the original teen cast revealing what a difference a few years makes, as they navigate their lives as young mothers. Jenelle Evans was featured in the second wave of pregnant teens, and emerged as the most controversial wreck of the bunch, with all of her raging “Teen Mom 2″ antics blasting out to a dropped jawed MTV audience.

Her ongoing story resembles a dysfunctional roller coaster, including the dumping of her son, countless screaming altercations, drug addiction, arrests, lockups, and a revolving door of boyfriends, who have often played supporting roles in the trashy escapades that have come to define the reality personality. These guys have far more in common than choosing to cavort with a trashy mess of a dream date. In fact, a look back at these young men reveals a disturbing pattern of demise, with a common denominator wailing in the background. Jenelle is a repeat domestic violence accuser, and the circumstances behind the way each case has unfolded has been eerily similar. So has Jenelle indeed been a victim over and over…perhaps just a girl attracted to the wrong ‘bad boy’ time and time again? Who are the real victims here? Let’s start at the beginning, when Jenelle Evans first hit the public scene, on TV screens across America.

Jenelle Evans

Andrew Lewis is the first guy in Jenelle’s life that we learn about. He is the father of her son Jace, the little boy who was the catalyst that shot Jenelle off into the land of teen fame. We really didn’t see much of Andrew, but on the Teen Mom reunion in 2013, Jenelle accused him of physical abuse. He neither admitted this or denied it, but the abuse claim was never substantiated.

Jenelle Evans and Charles

Kieffer Delp came on the show during the first season of TM2 as Jenelle’s new boyfriend.  He had a history of drug abuse, and he and Jenelle engaged in a volatile relationship.  Any regular viewer of the show remembers the crazy screaming fight the couple had in a parking lot, where Jenelle was heard screaming “I swear to f****** God come back to this car, Kieffer,” she said. “I’m gonna knock you out.” Delp pushed her back into the car, and Jenelle had him arrested for assault. She returns to her ‘abusive’ boyfriend upon the moment of his release.  Later in the season, Kieffer and Jenelle get caught breaking and entering.  Kieffer gets time in jail, and Jenelle gets off. Cue the next guy….


While Kieffer was in jail, Jenelle begins dating Marine, Gary Head. They predictably sit in a stormy relationship, with viewers seeing one altercation where Jenelle kicks and hits Gary, as well as destroying some property. Gary soon proposes. Jenelle’s friends Tory and Allison complain of Gary, being ‘controlling’, in the summer of 2012, and in the same month Jenelle has him arrested for assault. He ends up taking a plea, and getting kicked out of the Marines, and to this day swears that he never touched Evans. Jenelle returns to Kieffer after he is released, and becomes addicted to heroin, which is shown on MTV.  They break up while the cameras are not rolling.

Jenelle and Gary head Teen Mom

Soon after that breakup, Jenelle begins dating Courtland Rogers, and after a heroin soaked, whirlwind romance, they get married, all during the filming off-season. The couple announces that Jenelle is pregnant, but the claim appears suspicious. Early in January 2013, Jenelle has Courtland arrested for domestic violence and runs back to Gary Head, claiming that Courtland’s abuse caused her to miscarry their child. MTV steps in, and sends Jenelle to rehab, however upon her release, she is right back with the one she alleges killed her child, Courtland. In March, Tori tweets about Courtland’s ‘controlling ways.’ In April, Courtland and Jenelle were both arrested for assault, and heroin possession, with Jenelle’s charges being dropped and Courtland taking the solo fall for the heroin. Jenelle accuses him of hitting her again later on, and Courtland ends up in jail.


Enter current boyfriend Nathan Griffith, whom Jenelle meets on a dating site called, “Plenty of Fish.” At this point, Jenelle is actually pregnant with Courtland’s baby, which she aborts, just in time to start dating Nathan, literally the next day. She gets pregnant with Nathan’s baby, and Nathan struggles with staying sober, racking up DUI arrests. They have a son, but the relationship is tumultuous, as seen on the show.  


Jenelle’s friends predictably begin floating the ‘controlling’ label around on social media, pegging Nathan as the problem.  About a month ago, Jenelle caught Nathan chatting with another woman, an MTV personality actually, and this woman later posted this series of direct messages from Nathan, dated February 2nd.

NathanStevie DM convo Jenelle Evans

Right on cue, on March 4th, Nathan gets arrested for domestic violence. According to Nathan’s neighbor, James, he claims Nathan begged MTV cameramen to defend him to police, and tell them what they witnessed…that he absolutely did not touch Evans.

Jenelle evans nathan teen mom

“I heard him talking to what seemed to be a camera guy when he got arrested asking him to tell the cops that he didn’t do it,” the eyewitness told Radar. “He said ‘ come on man tell them I didn’t touch her. I didn’t do anything. You know man I didn’t do anything…I never touched her.’”

According to the police report, Nathan told the police that Evans had left marks on him from different physical altercations, and even showed the responding officer some current marks on his back. When asked several times if he touched Jenelle in any way, he repeatedly answered “No.” An inside source spoke to Radar Online, and elaborated on the dynamic.

“Nathan has been trying to push Jenelle away for months but it keeps backfiring on him,” the source continued. “He tries to leave her but then she says she’s going to blackmail him. She threatens to tell everyone about the skeletons in his closet.”
“He is fearful for his life and for her life,” the source said. “He doesn’t want to get arrested anymore. He is petrified …”

Obviously, stupidly getting involved with Jenelle Evans is costly, and leaving her is being revealed as downright risky. The question remains…who exactly are the victims here? What role does MTV play, as America watches a disturbed young girl seemingly getting away with calling the shots? This puzzle is not yet solved, but the pieces are revealing a troubling pattern that warrants a closer look, by all involved with this teen mom.


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