Sweet Redemption! Court Orders Cancer Fraudster Brooks Ayers To Pay Vicki Gunvalson $132K

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Vicki Gunvalson is in the money!

The Real Housewives of Orange County was awarded the $132,000 settlement instead of her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. The cancer-fraudster may have duped Vicki, but Ayers wasn’t able to dupe the judge, stemming from the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit.

The trouble started when Vicki sold 16.67% of the company to Ayers without informing booze line business partner, Robert Williamson. Ayers, being the opportunist that he is, sold his shares to Williamson so he could reportedly pay child support demands and the IRS.

Williamson took the couple to court alleging fraud. The suit read in part, “Upon information and belief, it was the intent of Brooks and Vicki to lure [Williamson] into the purchase of Brooks interest without the good faith intent to move forward with the company and make it successful.”

Ayers then counter-sued Williamson, and here’s that laughable part, claiming Williamson had “defamed his name.” Last June a judge dismissed Ayers from the case citing an inability to “provide evidence of wrongdoing” by Williamson. Vicki was left alone to defend herself.

So how did this result in Vicki receiving the $132K judgment? When Ayers filed for the judge to compel Williamson to pay his lawyers, the judge granted that motion, but awarded the money to Vicki, because I think we all know who holds the checkbook when it comes to paying the attorneys. Finally, justice is served!


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