Kyle Richards Defends Faye Resnick & Gets Blasted By Disgusted #RHOBH Fans!

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RHOBH-Kyle and Faye

Faye Resnick’s dream has come true, because she has scored another shot at making a splash on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The addition of Kathryn Edwards has indeed made Faye relevant, and while their connection is a dark one, the potential for drama is real. Kyle Richards worked overtime during last night’s episode, to convince viewers of the loyal nature of her best pal, and took to Twitter to push her point. 

However, her choice of words was a failure, and opened the floodgates, with viewers slamming her back, noting Faye’s “morally corrupt” past.

Kyle’s tweet is cringe-worthy. No one with any knowledge of what went down 20-years ago, would form their judgement of Faye Resnick on the basis of a silly quasi “reality” show. 

Bravo is dragging viewers back to a dark and upsetting reality, that Kyle seems to be confusing with a few moments of forgettable, Bravo-manipulated television. 

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Faye Resnick has buried herself in her seedy reputation, and no gushing testimony from Kyle Richards will ever dig her out.     


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