‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Shares Video of Newborn-Unified Reality or Contrived Fantasy?

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Ariella Mae Brown was born two weeks ago, and we have decided to joyously share a video the Browns recently recorded, to introduce baby Eri-May to the world! The wives are strategically posed around the postpartum little mother, and proud Papa Kody, is by her side. 

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The newly committed Mare is holding the little bundle, and Janelle and Christine have been hired as Kody’s Vanna Whites, proudly describing the features of their shiny 2016-model Brownie. Robyn looks fetching, in her recovery lounge-wear. 

Rumor has it that Kody, Robyn, and Eri-May may be hogging next season’s TLC spotlight….could this little preview be a sign of storylines to come? Are the crusading plurals actually just two undercover monogamous fakes?   


Wait…is it Arielle…or Ariell-a?  Do cult naming practices have spelling variations? Anyhoo…Ari-somebody or other is being smothered in love by her 17 siblings and her three side-mommies, who evidently are lining up around the cult-de-sac, for their newborn cuddles.    

Do you buy the message in this video? A unified harem, bonding over the joy of a new addition to the compound, or 5 posers, selling a flowery pink reality that simply doesn’t exist?

Welcome Eri-May! May the dozens of hands that hold you be washed, and your immune system, a warrior.     


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