PHOTOS: ‘Sister Wives’ Kody and Robyn Brown Welcome #18 Child: Baby Captured in Pics

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Sister Wives stars, Robyn and Kody Brown, welcomed their new daughter on Sunday, Jan 10th. 

Kody’s 18th spawn weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 9 ounces, and measured 21.5 inches. I stalled waving the welcome banner for a couple of days, hoping that my favorite suggestion, M-y-r-i-k-a-l, could be a stitched on, but alas, Brownie #18’s moniker has yet to be announced. Maybe Kody and Robyn are in bed with their new bundle of joy, clicking a jacked-up Mormon name generator? 

Brownie #18 will be Robyn’s fifth child, and second with Kody. She joins big brother Solomon, and 17 other siblings in the Brown clan. 

Robyn’s three older children — 15-year-old son Dayton, 13-year-old daughter Aurora and 10-year-old daughter Breanna — are from her first marriage, and were officially adopted by Kody in June.   

Here is #18 with her Mommy Mare.

TLC posted some photos of the new pink charmer, captured while she was meeting her three other mothers. Is it just me, or does she have Kody’s face?

All babies are scrumptious, so let’s bask in that sweet baby smell until the harem stinks up the place again! Whoever hears the name first, post it in the comments below…and don’t forget to double-check the spelling! 

Welcome Myrikal!


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