Tara Wallace Celebrates Pregnancy Reveal With A Pregnant Belly Photo – Social Media Erupts!

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Tara Wallace_LHHNY

As reported weeks ago, Tara Wallace has been keeping a HUGE secret for months now, and it was finally revealed on Monday night’s Love & Hip Hop New York episode.

The former girlfriend of Peter Pankey is pregnant for the third time by the former Bronx rapper. The ratchet love triangle that exist between Tara Wallace, Peter Gunz and his wife Amina Buddafly has been a part of Love & Hip Hop New York since the trio joined the cast season four.

However you feel about the situation, Tara wasted no time for the news to sink in with the viewers before posting a photo of her pregnant belly covered in gold with the caption, “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. – Elizabeth Stone #bunintheoven  #BrandNewTara”


The photo – Tara’s pregnant belly dipped in gold – seems to symbolize she’s the trophy. She won. She’s Peter’s prize. But as All About the Tea exclusively reported on Monday, Peter has been warming up Amina’s bed again and dissing Tara since she got pregnant, 

“He’s treating Tara like sh*t now that she’s pregnant. He doesn’t return her calls right away and spends more of his time with Amina.” A source dished.

Many fans of the show disagreed with Tara’s gold trophy belly photo and flooded Tara’s Instagram with negative comments.

You need to get therapy. Oh yah and baby father’s that actually likes you. You look good though. Guess that’s all that matters.”

“You are so stupid! You are still in competition with Amina and it is quite pathetic! You have the audacity to be mad when she told you that she was pregnant. That’s his wife whether you like it or not. Tara stop acting like you are a victim! You took Peter from another woman. Same thing happened to you. Karma is a b**** deal with it.”

“You’re pregnant by a married man no matter your situation smh still Congratulations though”

Congrats Tara! But love is not suppose to hurt.


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