EXCLUSIVE: Peter Gunz Behind Facebook Post Used To Spread Lies About Tara Having An Abortion!

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The messy-meter is off the charts on Love & Hip Hop-New York. The love triangle that consists of Peter Pankey better known as Peter Gunz, his baby-mama of 12-years, Tara Wallace, and new wife, Amina Buddafly is a complicated, ratchet love triangle.

Peter, the ever busy and fertile man, got both Amina and Tara pregnant at the same time. On last week’s episode, Amina revealed she had terminated her pregnancy. When LHHNY Season 6 started, Amina was having regrets for agreeing to let ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace, move into the same building she lives in. And for good reason! Even before the show premiered, All About the Tea reported, that Tara was pregnant with her third child for Peter – and his 9th overall!

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But did Tara get an abortion, too? Supposedly, Peter had this to say on his Facebook page, Jan 11.

“Before I go. Ima [sic] say this. I got Tara pregnant and she got an abortion too. Want to know why? Watch next week episode on LHHNY.”

Peter quickly denied making the Facebook post and took to his Instagram to profess his innocence, “Some clown made up a fake Facebook page under my name Peter Pankey and hes writing foul shit on it and all the blogs are posting it.. Smh.” The “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” rapper posted on Instagram.


The supposed fake Facebook post has since been deleted, but an insider has confirmed to All About the Tea that this “fake” Facebook account was allegedly created by no other than Peter Gunz himself.

“Peter created that fake page and posted that Tara had an abortion to hype the show.” The source continues, “This keeps his story line talked about and guarantees his place on the show.” 

The source spilled the tea about Peter’s financial situation and why he created the fake Facebook,

“Peter is a broke b*tch. He has a lot of child support to pay, so he will say and do anything to keep his job on Love & Hip Hop-New York.”

Peter has been warming up Amina’s bed and dissing Tara since she got pregnant, the source tells All About the Tea,

“He’s treating Tara like sh*t now that she’s pregnant. He doesn’t return her calls right away and spends more of his time with Amina.”

This will be Tara and Peter’s third child together, and Peter’s 9th child.

The source tells All About the Tea that Tara is very much pregnant, in her third trimester and showing.


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