[VIDEO] Kathryn Edwards Makes Her Scandalous Debut On #RHOBH! Get The Tea On Her O.J. Connection!

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New cast member, Kathryn Edwards, makes her splash into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pool tonight. 

Kathryn has been livening things up on Bravo’s 90210, and this newbie’s past is indeed a juicy one. To prepare for the rookie’s debut, these five choice nuggets of info will give us all a jump start.    

Kathryn grew up in Wisconsin, and moved to Paris after being signed by Elite Model Management. Fun Fact:  Kathryn was involved in Nike’s very first “Just Do It” campaign. 

In 1986, Kathryn married legendary Kansas City Chiefs running back, Marcus Allen. They were married for eight years.  Allen was close friends with O.J. Simpson during their engagement and marriage, in fact, the couple was married in the Simpson home.  She has been married to ex-NFL star, Donnie Edwards, since 2001.

Kathryn HATES Faye Resnick, and according to an episode synopsis, viewers can look forward to watching her confront Resnick, to address a “20 year old grudge.”   

EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Scandalous Conflict Between #RHOBH New Housewife Kathryn Edwards, Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick

This “grudge” is a doozy. Kathryn was dragged into the O.J. Simpson murder case, after Faye Resnick accused her husband, Marcus Allen, of having an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson after she had separated from O.J. Resnick wrote in her book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, that the trysts occurred during Kathryn’s engagement to Allen, and even after they were married.

My guess is that we can expect some tussling between Kyle Richards and the new girl. Kyle is besties with the “morally corrupt” (thanks Camille!) Faye Resnick, and that allegiance will likely not go unnoticed.   

Is Bravo drama about to intersect with shadows of the “trial of the century?” Stay tuned as Kathryn Edwards shakes things up, in Beverly Hills.    



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