Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Releases Preview of Book Almost Meri’ed: Will Narrative Expose More Cracks In Sister Wives Reality?

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It’s a new year for Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, as well as for the woman who took the reality star for a masked romantic ride, as undercover lover, “Sam Cooper.” Jackie Overton is the alleged culprit at the keyboard, but “Sam” maintains his innocence and identity, and has written a book, entitled Almost Meri’ed, detailing their passionate affair. “Sam” has given his blog readers a preview, along with a peek at the amusingly dramatic cover. He forgot the white stitches, but it looks like he likes my writer’s avatar pic!  Should I be flattered? 

Catfis book_Sister Wives

“Sam” begins the heart wrenching tale, by describing the good ol’ early days of the virtual romance.   

“It was fun and exciting. We had a lot of fun. We laughed all of the time. I wish that was an exaggeration, it might make it easier to walk away from her. But the truth is we laughed a lot. Almost daily.”

A weepy Meri wistfully reminisced about the laughter she shared with her catfish romeo, during the recent season of Sister Wives. Notice that although Overton had been exposed as the alleged scammer, Meri continued to refer to her lost love as a “HE.” 

“Sam” describes Meri as a needy and lost woman, who was struggling in a reality farce. 

“What I found was a beautiful woman who had big dreams and hopes that were slowly dying. One day at a time she was losing herself. Losing what she fought so hard for. And what she told me early on was things were not at all what they seem to be. I thought she was a happily married woman with a strong sense of family. At least one of those was right. And it wasn’t the first one. Within the first day of us talking she started to confide in me of how things had been going. It was really sad.”

“Sam’s” second release outlines how he and Meri initially connected, in lengthy, rehashed prose. “Sam” wants all of his readers to not pay any attention to grammatical errors and other such piddly distractions.  He explains,

“Yes I am aware of grammar errors, probably misspellings and whatever else mistakes there will be. I fought with my publisher to leave it in. I don’t want it to be a cleaned up version of my story. It’s my words. Let them be as they are. I am not going to make money or fame or anything off of this. I’m going to clear my name and share my truth. That is my only interest in writing it. And I hope you all will enjoy it. I worked very hard on it for several months.”

If Sam is aware of mistakes, why doesn’t he just correct them? His claim of “several months” is also a new one, considering he announced the book project on November 3rd, and it’s completion on December 6th.  But who can argue timelines, when a story of true love cries out to be told?

Interestingly, Meri Brown posted a tweet on her Twitter account a few days prior to the page release, that almost seems to give a cryptic wink to Almost Meri’ed. 

Rumors have been swirling about the future of the Brown family. Robyn Brown is due to deliver #18 any day now, and there is no doubt that TLC has a stake in keeping the harem happy. 

Will Almost Meri’ed cause more damage, or will the catfish scandal fallout alone be enough to splinter the clan beyond repair?    


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