#SisterWives UPDATE: Robyn Brown Baby Countdown is ON and Meri Brown’s Catfish Chatter Continues

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The countdown is on, as the cast of Sister Wives awaits the arrival of the newest Brown princess of the cult-de-sac. Robyn Brown is due to deliver on January 7, and is only hours away from missing that prized 2015 tax deduction. 

Who wants to bet that the Browns may be holding a new pink bundle, in the next 36 hours? Is Robyn standing on her head, swigging castor oil, romping with Kody, or trying to find a midwife who will induce labor? Place your bets everyone, and let’s start a pool about what they may name their new white-stitched darling. My guess is Naomi….but spelled N-e-i-g-h-o-h-m-e-e. What are your thoughts and snarkiest guesses? 

Sister Wives_Robyn and Kody

In Catfish news, InTouch is floating all sorts of rumors involving a cult-de-sac breakup.  Sources claim that Kody is controlling, demanding, and is fixated on his fourth wife. AND? There is nothing new here…any regular viewer knows such a dynamic has been in place for years. Meri had her window to leave, and Janelle DID fly the cult and chose to come back. Christine is happily burning toast, and the whole harem is panting over the arrival of baby Neighohmee. Everyone knows that the catfish scandal revealed all sorts of dirty truth about the Browns, and that their facade is built on cult brainwashing, wrapped in a TLC check. Moving on. 

Meri Sister Wives Tell All

The mag is also reporting that they have verified the name of an Oklahoma FBI agent who has supposedly stepped in to investigate Mare’s fishy lover, Jackie Overton. An alleged and unidentified victim has reportedly surfaced, and is claiming that Overton opened credit cards in his/her name. Mare also supposedly reported Overton, but unless there was an actual act of extortion or identity theft involved, you can’t throw someone in jail for impersonating a dreamy hunk. Mare is maintaining her brave victim silence on the matter, leading me to believe that she just wants the banana-flavored memories to fade away. Interestingly, a mystery writer by the name of “Lindz” popped in for a visit, on our Christmas eve Sister Wives thread. 

I must say, that Sister Wives blog was simply EPIC, and one that will live in infamy. We all know that one of Overton’s monikers is “Lindsay Jackson,” and that she often goes by “Lindz.” See if you recognize a certain, and oh so charming, writing style. 

Sister Wives

Happy 2016 to you all, and stay close for the next Brown profile! Remember… snark is meant to be multiplied, not divided! 


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