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Sister Wives

It’s the day before Christmas, and we are offering a special treat for all of you fabulous Sister Wives posters. I received a request from one of our faithful contributors yesterday, and as I prepare to roast the next harem member, I am opening up a forum so you all can share your thoughts. 

As you know, I have covered Janelle and Christine, so this is your chance to sound off about the direction of my next piece. Obviously, there are two wives to go, and one floppy haired patriarch.  However, I want you all to think out of the box, and past the expected. One of my ideas is to profile the cult-de-sac itself…and I can’t wait to lay into those mini-mansions. One of our beloved posters, Melzer, set the bar high, when making her suggestion. She wrote,

“I have long hair, with which I always fuss,

I have a weird chin, which I always jut.

I rock white stitches, in ways no one else can,

I know exactly what to do, to control and obey MY man.

I have four brownies, and one baking, on the way,

I know that it’s MY oven, To always rule the day.

I went from number 4 to number 1, And that’s In no time flat,

Number 2 or number 3? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I love MY kids, Teach them the pure plyg life,

And hope that maybe one day, I can call my daughter “Sister Wife.”

Chime in everyone and share your thoughts, ideas, quips and snark. I can’t wait to hear your crazy suggestions!  I wish you all the most blessed of holidays.  You are the smartest and most supportive community, and I appreciate you all more than you know. 

A special thanks to Melzer, for inspiring this post!  “Meri” Christmas!! 


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