Joy to The World Teresa Giudice is Home! Sponsored by Bravo

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Teresa Giudice was home for Christmas, and was welcomed back into the bosom of her family, and back into her Real Housewives of New Jersey Bravo reality. Bravo made her return dazzling, with a suspense building prelude, building to a crescendo of camera-perfect joy, all wrapped in a giant SUV-sized ribbon. How did Bravo pull off such a spectacular holiday jewel of cable perfection? Let’s take a look back, at Teresa’s journey to Christmas. 

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It all began when Camp Giudice released a Christmas card, likely the prettiest they have ever sent, with just the four Giudice girls on a beach. No bordello furnishings or upholstery fabric gowns, just sand, seaweed and crisp white dresses. The card read, ‘May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year.’ A photo-card minus Teresa and Joe probably cheered up everyone on their mailing list.


It’s time to cut the sweet simplicity crap, because Teresa is home, and Bravo knows that time is short to primp, gob, and glam the clan for their on-camera Christmas. Gone are the pretty white frocks and natural surroundings, and out come the black trendy pieces dashed with red, the makeup artist, the hairdresser, and the tacky glitz.Teresa is jammed into a strange ode to the 80’s ensemble, and positioned carefully, so as not to reveal her clunky ankle accessory. The returning diva is rewarded with a flashy new vehicle, and rocks her photo-sesh by basking in her closet, surrounded by the beloved gaudiness of  a year-old wardrobe. Teresa is reunited with her gluttonous past, and it’s like they had never been apart. Cameras click, as the family’s privacy is hawked, and slapped up for America to see. 

Teresa Giudice Collage_RHONJ

Teresa has been gone for almost a year, but the reality show must go on!  It’s Christmas eve, and Bravo wants us all to believe that Teresa and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, are poised to start anew.  Melissa was never cleared to visit Teresa in the slammer, so they have had a whole year to muster up a little holiday sister-love. The Giudices and Gorgas cozy up for a meaningful Christmas eve dinner, as the Bravo cameras roll, capturing the blessed family joy.  Media outlets report spoken quips such as “new beginnings,” a “fresh start,” and “family is everything.”  Melissa Gorga pulls out all of the stops, even hiring carolers to add a festive air to the celebration. Melissa shared several pics, as she prepared for the big night.   

Melissa Gorga_RHONJ

Bravo wants us to know that their favorite felon darling has begun anew, has claimed a new outlook, and is a changed woman. After all, why else would Teresa choose to spend her first moments of freedom (well, after her makeover) with her Bravo rival? Let’s enjoy it while we can, and bask in the Jersey joy.  Something tells me that when the holiday high wears off, the same old Teresa may pop her head out of her closet, and feel the urge to flip a table. 


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