Teresa Giudice Accepts $90,000 Lexus & Leaves Her Architect on The Hook For Thousands

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Teresa Giudice may be happy to be home with her family and a brand new Lexus, but one architect is irate over this “offensive” display of wealth when he’s still owed money by the family. John Fellgraff (73) reportedly drew design modifications for the Giudice’s New Jersey mansion eight years ago and has yet to receive the $13,000 in payment.

“It’s hard to see all that. I’d love to buy my wife a new Lexus for Christmas. That car costs more than they owe me – it’s a lot of money.” He tells the Daily Mail, “Yes I feel angry towards them. It’s ridiculous. It’s offensive. I haven’t initiated the process yet but I intend to in the next week or so to take legal action and see if we can get something out of them.”

Fellgraff explained to the UK site that his drawings took sixth months to complete, including designs for a spec house to be built on an empty lot of Joe’s.

“I did plans for modifications to that house and to an addition. I didn’t do the final drawings that make it look like a miniature castle. I wouldn’t want to put my name to that. But we did do the original working drawings and they proceeded with the construction from those drawings.”

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The architect and his wife pursued the Giudice’s for payments twice a month, but never received so much as a dime. Fellgraff said,

“I just don’t understand it. They’re living in this great big mansion supposedly living this extravagant life but they owe all these people all this money.”

And when he read the show Real Housewives of New Jersey had “signed her up again for $1 million” he became even more perplexed over the special treatment. “The whole thing I don’t understand. The whole process allowing them to serve separate times so that somebody can be home for the kids. If it was you or me who’d done it they wouldn’t have cared. Fellgraff concluded,

“The way I see it, it should be simple. I did my job. I did it properly and they’ve got to pay for it.”

Cameras were rolling and pictures were snapping on Wednesday as Teresa entered her Towaco, New Jersey, mansion for the first time in nearly a year and was greeted by her husband Joe and their four daughters.


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