Teresa Giudice Plans To Escape Prison Under The Cover of Darkness To Avoid Being Photographed! #RHONJ

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Teresa Giudice is preparing to be released from prison, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey star plans to try and slip through the exit gates undetected under the cover of darkness.  Photographers, and possibly even hovering helicopters, are expected to begin surrounding the grounds of Danbury Correctional Facility prior to her December 23rd release. The buzz is that Giudice is working on a plan to avoid a media frenzy. 

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Insiders claim that Teresa is appreciative of the staff’s professionalism and wants the keep the expected media circus from creating any chaos.  Ideas such as using decoy cars to confuse photographers, have been floated. 

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Teresa is expected to reunite with her family, with the Bravo cameras rolling, immediately picking up where she left off.  It remains unclear as to whether the filming will be permitted according to the terms of her house arrest. 

If Bravo cameras are permitted to roll, what sort of Teresa will make her TV debut?  A year in the clink would change anyone, and a freshly freed leading lady could indeed be a wildcard, in Bravo’s game plan to relaunch their New Jersey franchise. 

Do you think that Teresa pull off exiting Danbury as quietly as she checked in? 


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