#RHONJ Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice Put Feud On Hold To Celebrate Christmas Together For Bravo Cameras

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Countdown to prison break is officially on!

Teresa Giudice’s final week behind bars is upon us as Bravo’s felon princess prepares to be a free woman on December 23. Her release comes just in time to be reunited with her husband, Joe Giudice, and their four daughters for Christmas.

The question is…will her release be a joyous family occasion for the entire family? Sources claim the sister-in-laws, Teresa and Melissa Gorga still have a “sour relationship” and won’t film together unless Bravo requests it.

“If the Gorgas and the Giudice do anything together, it’s because Bravo is asking them to,” the insider said. “It is not one big happy family by any means.”

Earlier in the year, Melissa’s request to visit Teresa in prison was denied. Teresa apparently was worried that Melissa would capitalize on the situation. “There is no love lost there.” The source said of the relationship between the two women. “Make no mistake, Melissa and Teresa still cannot stand each other.”

Reportedly, Teresa would like a “very low-key Christmas” and wants to keep some moments private as she reunites with her family. That’s shocking considering, the fallen reality star exploited allowed her minor children to be filmed on The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, a Bravo three-part special. The special featured cameras following around her husband as he raised her children while she served her prison sentence.

Teresa’s decision to allow her minor girls to be filmed in such an intimate (up close and personal) manner was highly criticized by fans and Teresa’s former costar, Jim Marchese.

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According to Melissa Gorga, Teresa, Joe and their daughters will spend Christmas Eve at her house this year. Melissa revealed what’s going to be on the menu at the Gorga’s very festive Christmas Eve dinner to Bravo’s Daily Dish,

“We’re gonna be at my house for Christmas Eve. We’re excited. We’re gonna do [The Feast of the] Seven Fishes; we’re gonna do all the fish. It should be fun. The kids are excited [for] a big Italian Christmas Eve. We’re gonna be all together on Christmas Eve, so it’s a beautiful thing.”

We’re confident Bravo cameras will be on hand to capture the fake joyous occasion. Cameras will also roll in Franklin Lakes, over at Jacqueline Laurita’s house this weekend. The RHONJ returnee is hosting a holiday party to introduce two new housewives. Jailbird Teresa will not be released in time for this event.

Melissa is certainly letting bygones be bygones for the holidays but we’re not so sure about Teresa’s state of mind,

“I think Christmas is just always so nice. It’s just a sweet time, especially this year it’s such a blessing that everyone can be together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So I think that love is in the air,” Melissa said. “It’s just a time to come together with family. Everyone knows that the holidays are the time when people come together.”

Bravo is banking on the belief that Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are excitedly anticipating the triumphant, televised return of fallen criminal star, Teresa Giudice. But RHONJ has been off the air for over a year, and it appears glowingly evident that Bravo is overestimating the passionate devotion of a seemingly bored and moved-on audience. 

Kim Grannatel

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