Did Phaedra Parks Use The Race Card To Excuse Glen Rice Jr’s Violent Behavior & Blame Kenya Moore?

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Phaedra Parks stepped into it and stepped in deep, during Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Tammy’s nephew, Glen Rice Jr., revealed himself as a dangerous ticking time bomb, and while Kenya Moore took steps to shut down the madness, Phaedra Parks shifted into dealing the race card. 

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Viewers watched Tammy’s nephew display erratic and aggressive language, raising red flags, in conversations with both Kenya, and the pregnant Kandi Burruss. Kenya and Kandi agreed that Glen’s manner made them uncomfortable, but when asked to leave, Glen lashed out, shoving his Aunt Tammy to the hard floor, and into brief unconsciousness. Kenya proved that her instincts were right about Rice, via an Instagram post.


After the upsetting brouhaha cleared, the cast rehashed the incident, and gray areas were colored, with part of the cast almost excusing the abusive outburst. If that wasn’t mind boggling enough, Phaedra decided to draw a parallel between the Mike Brown killing, and the volatile smackdown the night before. It is interesting to note that we have never heard Parks liken the plight of the misunderstood black male to her own husband, the jailed Apollo Nida. The perpetually whiny Kim Fields, cosigned Phaedra’s opinion.

During a filmed conversation with Sheree Whitfield, Phaedra stood on her soapbox, and likened Kenya Moore to a “any white woman in suburbia that becomes afraid” by protectively making the decision to ask Glen to leave. Phaedra labeled Kenya’s (and by agreement Kandi’s) instincts as “crazy conclusions,” and accused her of unfairly “labeling” a man who could be any of their own African American children. Phaedra noted that “it is not cool at all what KENYA has done,” giving a thug who was physically threatening Kenya, and flattening another, a free pass. Phaedra launched into a self-serving sermon about being present during the Brown killing, when in reality, she scampered to St. Louis, a la Al Sharpton, to grandstand stand in the aftermath. 


Phaedra expressed concern that her boys may be unjustly treated like Brown, or the TV-proven violent, Glen Rice. A brazen statement coming from a woman whom many believe  to be a slippery, low-rent criminal herself. Kenya Moore was dubbed a symbolic danger to the plight of African American men, as well as the catalyst, and the one responsible for the violent incident. 

Glen Rice was elevated to a misunderstood and triggered victim, even while his own aunt lied motionless on the floor. Would Phaedra be singing a different tune if she was the one hauled off in the ambulance?

Phaedra Parks has proudly justified a man choosing to strike a woman. I hope that precious Ayden and Dylan will grow up to be nothing like their father, or their mother.    


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