Reality Or Fallacy? Yolanda Foster Plays Up Her Sick Act For Her Costars

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Yolanda Foster is under the microscope this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has painted a sad, Instagram worthy portrait of a diseased warrior, and now the curtain has been raised. Throw in a premiere date divorce announcement…and voila! Fans are now primed and ready to rally behind a pushed aside wife, and pathetically ill cast member. Yolanda Foster may be surprised to see what unfolds on Bravo’s polished footage, because cameras caught a few moments during the last episode, that she would probably like to erase. 

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Many viewers noticed some shady nuances in the scenes where Yolanda welcomed Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson into David’s condo. Yolanda was seen alert and wearing her reading glasses, then abruptly shifted into the proper dozing fetal position, when she seemingly heard the duo arrive. 

The scene reminded me of a kid who hears his mom coming up the stairs, during an attempt to act sick enough to stay home from school. Yolanda weakly asked her “health advocate,” Daisy, to bring the girls back to her bedroom, rather than hobble out into the living area to greet her guests. Yolanda walked out just fine, after the women got a good gander at her feeble body curled up in bed. WHY was it necessary for her friends to walk back to the bedroom? We all know the answer…in order to pass the epically impressive pill bunker on the way. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.12.57 PM

Daisy strangely invited the women to gawk at Yo’s meds as a little preview, before the shocking sickroom main event. While her pals stared in stunned silence at her massive drug stash, Yolanda perked up, and checked her phone. A bottle of tequila made a brief cameo on Yo’s nightstand, vanishing mid scene, in a puzzling plot twist. 


Yo remained dramatically wrapped in a robe, an odd wardrobe choice for entertaining. While the women were chatting about Yolanda’s plight, Lisa cracked a joke, and I thought I detected a twinge of annoyance from Yolanda, after momentarily losing her visitors’ concerned focus. Yolanda hinted at thoughts about death in a carefully worded comment, wrapped around an expression of sympathy for Eileen, and her husband Vince.

Was this scene directed and rehearsed before the Bravo cameras ever showed up? Did Coach Daisy choreograph and practice the shtick with her student/client beforehand? Someone missed their snooze cue in the bedroom! CUT! 

Stay tuned as the drama plays out, on the Bravo stage. 


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