‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Explains Why She Chose To Attend Her Niece’s Wedding Without Her Husband

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards’ family dynamics were thrust into the spotlight once again. First she was invited to niece, Nicky Hilton’s, wedding, and then she was disinvited.

“All families go through difficult times, and my family is no exception as you have witnessed if you have followed our lives these past six years.”

But before tackling the heavy family drama, Kyle took time out for a very swanky European vacay aboard a private yacht.

“I was really excited about the trip to Europe Mauricio had planned for us. One week alone with our four girls, then meeting Lisa and Ken in Tuscany, followed by London where my niece Nicky was getting married.”

While Kyle sees herself as a very devoted aunt:

“I was in the room when my niece was born, and she and her sister Paris have always been more like little sisters to me because of our age gap (I was 12 when Paris was born and 15 when Nicky was born). I take my role of being an aunt seriously…”

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She flip-flopped on attending her niece’s nuptials to an uber wealthy member of the Rothschild clan. Ultimately, Kyle decided to go, even though it meant Mauricio and two of her daughters couldn’t go with her.

“I think especially during the planning of a wedding people seem to be more emotional, and family issues come to the surface…after speaking with Nicky and at the urging of my husband and daughters, I went to the wedding, and that is all that matters. I knew this was a moment you couldn’t recapture and didn’t want to ever look back with regret.”

But she still needed something to wear. Just like Cinderella, y’all.

“I figured if Lisa had something she could bring, I would have back up in case I didn’t find something in Europe. …Ken making jabs about my size and style wasn’t very nice and seemed quite deliberate. But I…have bigger things to worry about than my clothes right now.”

Kyle and Lisa seem to do this dance every year. Lisa or Ken will throw out a snarky comment, Kyle takes it literally, and then they hash it out at the reunion. By next season, all is forgiven. Ladies, do us a favor and skip to the end already. Ken was jabbing, as is his British way. Get over it, Kyle. Save your anger for those who deserve it—namely sisters, Kathy and Kim.

On the subject of Yolanda Foster’s illness, Kyle has nothing but sympathy.

“During this time Yolanda was trying to uncover what else could possibly be going on with her in addition to Lyme disease.”

Kyle could relate:

“…I spoke with Lisa in Tuscany and shared my story of when my mom passed away. I was so sick and in physical pain for two years. …For me, personally , I feel it was the depression… I understand the frustration of not knowing what is making you ill… I was NEVER as sick as Yolanda and cannot begin to imagine how difficult that must be.”

So do you think Kyle overreacted to Ken’s barb? And should she have attended the wedding without half of her family?


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