Eileen Davidson Says Kim Richards Is Finally Sober!

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As reported, Kim Richards will appear on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills despite all her addiction and legal drama.

Supposedly, the 51-year-old troubled reality star is sober and apologized to the cast and crew for her past bad behavior.

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According to her co-star Eileen Davidson, Richards seems to be finally sober.

“I only saw her once—was she doing better? She wasn’t high,” Davidson, 56, told OKMagazine.com. “So I guess that means she’s doing better. It seemed like she was very much in control of her life,” she continued. “But that is just from a brief encounter.”

Davidson is happy to have a sober Kim around despite her junkie shenanigans last season and is rooting for her recovery,

“I was actually happy to see her,” she said. “She’s been through hell this year, and I’m hoping that this is like a good thing and a good sign. I am hoping that she is better, and she’s on the right path to being well and healthy again,” she said. “I’m always rooting for her to succeed.”

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Unfortunately for Kim, not all of her costars are as forgiving and accepting. Last season’s drama creeps into the upcoming season. Richards’ and Lisa Rinna will rehash Kim’s cheating accusations against Lisa’s husband Harry Hamlin in Amsterdam. The trailer for the new season shows Rinna and Richards confronting each other.

“I was kind of hoping that it would be the beginning of a new chapter,” Davidson said. “I was hoping that so much had happened that we could let bygones be bygones because some really big, more important things happened than what even happened on the show last year—I mean some real you-know-what hit the fan in her [Richards’] life.”

Rinna and Richards’ discussion wasn’t smooth sailing.

“All I can say is I was really hoping that them seeing each other would transcend what happened last year,” Davidson said. “But I guess that’s not what happened unfortunately.”


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