RECAP: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Uncensored” Major Secrets Revealed

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Bravo aired a The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Uncensored” special last night, and it was a delicious behind the scenes romp into the drama that defined Season 1. I rarely offer a BRAVO! to Bravo, but I LOVED going back to a pre-Glanville Beverly Hills, and to a season that was simply epic. True wealth and glamor were combined with real life drama, and to get the production skinny was beyond scrumptious! The cast members narrated their take on the juicy season, with some crew members and Andy Cohen throwing in, with behind the scenes, insider dirt.

The show highlights how Kyle Richards was recruited, and how the other connected women, as well as a ratty little dog, landed on the show.  Fun casting clips are shown, as well as the jaw dropping real estate that makes Beverly Hills such a fabulous visual escape. Camille Grammer tells the inside tale of her husband Kelsey’s plot to distract her with the reality project, so he could be left alone to canoodle with his side-piece.  Uncomfortable clips are shown of the obvious dead as a doornail marriage, as well as a cryptic miscommunication feud between Camille and Kyle.  


Camille was painted as a Bravo villain, one of my faves I might add, and the most epic dinner party in Housewives history was revisited.  What could be better than a hammered medium, mouthing off like an unleashed loon? It was simply fabulous, an epic episode, that will never be forgotten. Cohen dished that the medium, Alison Dubois, later told him to eff off, which made the story even better. 

The big kahuna of Season 1 was Kyle dropping the family secret bombshell,  outing her sister Kim, as a drunk.  Production was aware that Kim was likely  relapsing and key moments of filming are pinpointed, with production adding juicy background details. Kim was caught hiding booze in a dinner party bathroom, and was caught falling down drunk, off-camera. The finale party turned into a Bravo dream come true, with Kim arriving half in the bag from the get-go. Her manager unsuccessfully tried to sober her up in the car, probably a full-time job for the poor slob. Kyle immediately knows that Kim is sloshed, and Kim’s addiction was linked to throwing Kyle under the bus with Camille.

rhobh_kim richards gif

We learn that Kim had a drunken meltdown in the hotel lobby, where cameras had been disallowed.  The producer speaks of trying to control the sister smackdown, and the hotel consequentially booting the crew off their property. Kyle forces her way into a frustrated limo confrontation, clearly fed up with being pushed around by a drunk. Kyle blasts Kim as an alkie, and Kim blasts her back with  stammering accusations. An unseen post-argument clip is shown, where Kyle implies that because Kim didn’t uphold her sobriety, all bets were off. Audio of round two is revealed, and Kyle asserts that the whole mess triggered Kim to seek another failed round of help. Reunion footage is aired, and the sad addicted plight of the delusional and addicted Kim Richards, officially begins it’s journey with Bravo. It’s no wonder that Bravo rehires the careening dramatic rollercoaster over and over. 

Those were the DAYS, before Brandi Glanville polluted Beverly Hills with her nasty trailer park mouth, and trashy antics. A new season of the franchise begins December 1st…and I can’t wait!



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