Leah Messer Claims Corey Simms Won Custody Of Their Daughters By Lying!

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Teen Mom 2 Conspiracy theory!

Leah Messer, 23, just can’t seem to accept the fact she lost primary custody of her twin daughters because of her own reckless parenting. A new report claims she’s blaming the court’s decision on a wild conspiracy theory with her ex Corey Simms, and his wife Miranda Patterson at the center.

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Teen Mom 2 star, believes Corey and Miranda lied and cheated in the ugly court battle to win the court case. Leah is under the delusion impression that the couple prompted 5-year-old Ali and Aleeah‘s teachers to mark them late or absent when Messer dropped them off at school.

“Leah knows that Corey and Miranda are close with the girls’ teachers, and thinks they used those friendships to their advantage,” a family insider told Radar. “She believes the teachers actually faked records.”

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Leah has been spreading her “suspicions” in various articles that Ali had often been marked tardy when Aleeah hadn’t. Another rumor Leah likely started is Corey once dated one of the teachers at the twins school.

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