‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Corey Simms Suing Leah Messer For Emptying Twins’ Trust Fund

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Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer is busted, and Corey Simms, her ex, and  father of her twins, Aliannah and Aleeah, is taking legal action.  Leah was discovered a year ago, caught after draining $10k out of a trust fund set up for her special needs daughter, Aliannah.  She has yet to replenish the fund, and InTouch is reporting that Simms has solidified a court date to hold her accountable for the missing cash. 

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Interestingly,  an insider has come forward, and is claiming that Leah has also drained at least $10k from a similar fund in the name of Aliannah’s twin, Aleeah.  Leah denies both allegations. 

“Corey is taking Leah to court. He is furious that she took that money,” the source adds, “That was the girls’ money — not Leah’s. Corey’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it’s put back.” 

“She has made a lot of bad financial decisions,” a show source says of Leah, whose fondness for expensive gadgets like iPads is well-known. 

Corey and his wife Miranda recently welcomed a baby daughter named Remi, and are determined to give the twins the life they deserve.  Simms currently has primary custody of the twins, after proving that Leah had been routinely lax, in getting the girls to school on time. 

“He adores those kids,” a source reveals. “And you better believe that he’s going to make sure that Leah doesn’t do anything to jeopardize their future.


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