Cry For Love! Tamra Judge’s Teen Daughter Wants Her To Leave #RHOC Reality Show

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, is currently estranged from her daughter, Sidney, after the teen stood firm on her desire to remain distanced from her reality diva mother.

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Tamra and her ex-husband Simon Barney battled it out in court, with a judge deciding that Sidney was old enough to call the shots. Sidney, 17, chose to live with her father, and now the teen has been officially given the freedom to choose what level of relationship to pursue with her mother. Tamra recently tweeted out some birthday love for her daughter, refusing to give up the public displays that Sidney has repeatedly asked her to stop.

One astute tweeter nailed it, and called out Judge, for putting her trashy reality career ahead of mending the broken relationship with her daughter.

The sentiment is nothing new, but remains relevant as the damaged relationship appears to be at a stalemate. Sidney Barney herself cosigned the tweet by “liking” it, never afraid of giving it back, when her attention-whoring mother crosses the line. 

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Sidney has chosen her path, and is refusing to back down and surrender to the Bravo way of life. Her mother should pay attention.


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