EXPLOSIVE: Tamra Judge’s Ex Simon Barney Blows The Lid Off Her “Lies” and Their Custody Battle; READ STATEMENT!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, has been at war with her ex-husband Simon Barney, battling over the fates of their three children, in the lengthy wake of their very public divorce. 

Sixteen year old Sidney chose to live with her father, and now the teen has been officially given the freedom to choose what level of relationship to pursue with her mother. Rumors have been flying around muddling the facts, and Barney recently took to his Twitter page, to set the record straight.

He begins his lengthy statement by reminding us that he was awarded permanent physical custody of Sidney in the spring of 2015. Tamra later filed a contempt order against him, which he asserts contained several false allegations, including a supposed refusal to follow a court order, and a parental alienation accusation. Barney represented himself in this case, and Judge was represented by her attorney, Daniel Monarch, of Castle and Monarch. 

Orange County Superior Court Judge Theodore Howard ruled in Barney’s favor, confirming that there was no evidence to support parental alienation. In addition, Sidney was let off the hook, and did not have to follow through with the previously ordered therapy sessions. Barney comments in his statement,

“I have faith in the court system. I wish I had as much faith in my ex-wife. My daughter doesn’t need ‘help’ nor counseling, she needs a mother!”

Tamra put out a tweet, following the hearing which read,

“Shame on my ex for giving radar an half assed statement to a sealed case! I hope he’s proud” #POS

Barney fires back, writing,

“No sixteen(16)year old should have to read on the internet and hear from friends that her mother is calling her father a POS amongst other names; which applies to my two other children as well.”

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Simon addresses the trashy elephant in the room, and NAILS Bravo and his ex, for the raunchy exploits that he believes are damaging to their children.

“….she (Sidney) is forced to relive it over and over from her ‘friends and classmates’ – the not so classy moments her mother is so famous for on the show which she is a main cast member, i.e., bathtub scene, talking about anal sex, talking about having sex with her husband, being topless, grabbing other women’s body parts, trash talking, throwing wine, drunk, having her private parts in a man’s face, having a male stripper’s private parts in her face and being overall abusive. Mind you, this is not acting it’s a REALITY SHOW.”


Barney then backs up his claim that printed falsehoods have been in the dicey mix, and informs the reader that there is also pertinent information that Sidney revealed to the judge, that would remain private, until she decides otherwise.

READ Simon’s entire blistering  statement below:

Simon Barney, Tamra Judge’s Ex Shares Details of Their Custody Battle

Barney points out that the legal drama began a few years ago, when Tamra took him to court, because he disallowed his children to appear on #RHOC. 

“This was something that I didn’t want my children to participate in. I am thankful that I won that court battle and my children will never be allowed to appear on the show while they are minors. My job as a parent is to protect my children, so far I believe I have succeeded in this.”

Simon asserts that he seeks to create a home environment that reflects a parentally led climate of ethics, class and morality. He then WENT THERE, and brought up last week’s episode, where Tamra was seen hosting a tacky and definitely cringeworthy, “sex party.”

“I heard in last night’s show they replayed her R rated bathtub scene with her then, boyfriend, Eddie and showed her hosting a sex party with dildo’s and anal beads. How is this teaching our children ethics and morality? It may be great for the viewers to watch this outrageous sexualized behavior by my ex-wife, however my children have to live with the repercussions and embarrassment of this behavior.” 

“Parents out there know it’s hard enough to raise a bunch of teenagers, we can embarrass them by the simplest gesture. Now compound that by my ex’s outrageous public behavior, on an almost weekly basis and you can see where I am coming from in this statement.”

Simon wrapped his statement by claiming that he encouraged patience, and even required his daughter to participate in co-counseling with Tamra, with the hope that his ex would make the necessary changes in order to rekindle a relationship. Barney asserts that such a wish is fading, and closes the explanation with some advice for his ex.

My hope is that my ex will concentrate on being a good mother to our two other children so she doesn’t have to go down this same path with them in the coming years.


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