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Live Q&A with Wendy Feldman at 1:00 PM ET Today “Life After Prison – The Psychological Challenges Teresa Giudice Will Face”

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The incarcerated star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, is counting down the hours, as the date of her release from federal prison draws near. Bravo has a grand exit plan for Teresa, and as All About the Tea exclusively reported, has contrived a cast of characters to revolve around the reality princess, upon her triumphant return. Bravo has plunked the future of a criminally crushed franchise onto the shoulders of a woman who has been locked up, and removed from society for the last year.  

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Wendy Feldman, a crisis management expert, has extensive experience with successfully transitioning clients from prison, back into productive everyday life. According to Feldman, Bravo is taking a big risk, banking on a mentally and emotionally healthy, Teresa Giudice.    

“Teresa needs to get honest and real. Her job is just that. A job. Her real mission must be putting her family back together. She also needs to show remorse or she won’t be accepted. Living in a home with huge debt may not look right but as long as she’s making all payments and is in compliance she has a second chance.” 

Giudice is expected to return home without breaking her stride, and instantly switch gears, resuming her identity as a reality diva.  She has to pick up life as a wife and soon to be single mother, as her husband Joe prepares to surrender for his prison stint, in March. Feldman tells All About the Tea,

“Moving forward will be a shock for Teresa, more than others as her husband leaves for prison.” The celebrity crisis manager adds, “She must follow the rules now. The stakes are high.”

No one endures the trauma of a stretch in prison and later exits the same person. Giudice will emerge a changed woman, and indeed an emotional wildcard, as the messy franchise continues. The psychological no-brainer is a truth that Bravo is simply choosing to ignore. 


Feldman asserts that many psychological challenges await a released inmate, seeking to readjust to the outside.  

“Prison is easy, re-entry is hard. I have helped over 600 families prepare and transition for prison. The moment I meet you, I’m preparing you for your release. There are bridges to build and memories that will never be.” 

We welcome Wendy Feldman’s experienced insight, as we watch the renewed New Jersey drama unfold.

The Live Q&A will start at 1:00 p.m. ET Today. Please leave questions for Wendy beforehand in the comment section below. 

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