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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Allegedly Forms Company To Receive Bravo Paychecks & Stiff Her Creditors

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The wheels are cranking at Bravo, and signs of life are awakening The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A revived cast is in position, ready to welcome Teresa Giudice home to her Bravo throne. 

On Tuesday (Nov 17), All About the Tea exclusively reported that Bravo plans to exalt the soon to be released felon. A part-time cast of attendants will be fluttering around Teresa like Cinderella’s bluebirds, cleaning up her tainted, criminal image. 

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Teresa and the only other full-timer, her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, will be hauling in the big bucks, $500k+ for the season. Teresa’s ripped-off creditors can begin their palms-up queue in just a matter of weeks, right? Not so fast.

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A source has come exclusively to All About the Tea, and reports that Joe and Teresa Giudice have allegedly finagled a way for Teresa to keep her Bravo checks. The insider dished,

“I suspect Joe and Teresa formed a corporation so Bravo can pay the company without incurring payroll taxes and to assist Joe and Teresa in avoiding wage garnishment by their creditors. Since the corporation does not have liens levied against it, collection attempts for Giudice liens would be futile, as Joe and Teresa are the ones with the liens and the company is a separate entity.” 

We have also learned that Teresa supposedly raked in $30k for each episode of “Teresa Checks In,” a Bravo sponsored three-part special that chronicled her family’s life while she served her 15-month prison stint. The cash allegedly allowed Giudice to bring her mortgage payments up to date, rescuing her Monteville, NJ home from foreclosure. 

Teresa Giudice is Bravo’s darling, and the network is shelling out big bucks to bring her back to her trashy glory. Her criminal days may be technically over, but it looks like old habits die hard.


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