EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind Jenelle Evans Chin Injury — Shocking Details!

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Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, was treated for injuries last weekend, and while she tried to pass the incident off as a slip on a rainy driveway, on the scene witnesses are starting to spill what really happened to All About the Tea. 

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Allegedly, Jenelle and her druggie roomie Tori were drinking in a local bar, when Tori mouthed off to the wrong sister barfly. Supposedly a fight broke out, and Jenelle sustained injuries that she would later have treated at a local hospital. 

“Jenelle and her friend [Tori] were in a bar and they were both wasted. Her friend got mouthy with another girl, and the girl and her friends kicked Jenelle and her friend’s ass.”

There also appears to be a growing annoyance towards Jenelle in Wilmington, with the residents growing tired of her self-involved quasi-celebrity attitude. A tipster spilled what she saw, the night of the incident.   

“Jenelle thinks she’s royalty and the truth is, no one wants her in town.” The tipster adds, “She’s a drug addict, smoking her glass pipe in the bathroom bar with her friend.” 

There has also been a local sighting of Jenelle, where she was spotted banged up, and bruised. Well Jah-nelle!

“I saw Jenelle at the Southport Walmart yesterday [the day after the fight] with bruises all over her face, neck and arm. She was wearing sunglasses to try and hide her injuries.” The source continues, “She definitely got her ass beat.”

An anonymous bystander also noticed Jenelle’s condition.

“I saw Jenelle getting gas on Monday with bruises on her face and neck.”

Jenelle has jumped from a VIP invited to attend elite flashy events, back to partying the night away, and getting into drunken brawls. Who’s watching the baby?    


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