Meghan Edmonds Weighs In On Brooks Ayers E Interview: “He’s Such a Lying Sack of Baloney”

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As reported earlier this week, Brooks Ayers sat down with E! and gave his side on the drama that smothered the Bravo show this season. Brooks dealt with accusations from Vicki Gunvalson’s reality co-stars, some of whom believe that he faked his cancer battle on the recently concluded season of the show.

As expected, Gunvalson’s costar, Meghan King Edmonds, watched the interview and could not wait to weigh in.

Throughout season ten, Brooks was hammered by numerous allegations made by rookie, Edmonds. Meghan told Amy Phillips on her Sirius XM show Reality Checked Thursday (October 22).

“He’s such a lying sack of baloney.” Adding, “He’s very talented at one thing, and that’s being a con man. And, I think, con men are really good at telling lies, apparently they are I guess because I watch Brooks and he seems believable.”

P.I. Meghan didn’t stop there, she further exacerbated the subject by adding,

“Whenever he talks, he seems believable. It’s just…when is it going to stop? Why are you going [and] running to the press and asking them to run this lie? I mean, don’t you have any pride left? Apparently not. It just blows my mind.”

The RHOC newbie mustered up the most educated catchphrase she could to end the interview, “Bye Felicia.”

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