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#SisterWives “Catfish” Plot Thickens As Kendra Pollard-Parra Ups the Social Media Charade

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The plot thickens as Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, weathers the public fallout after becoming romantically snagged by catfish scammer, Jackie Overton. As All About the Tea has extensively reported, Overton’s “Sam Cooper” identity has been bolstered by Brown’s social media pit bull, Kendra Pollard-Parra. Kendra has maintained a close friendship with Robyn Brown, and is an alleged shady player, in Overton’s ruse. Kendra recently hosted a Facebook forum where “Sam” was warmly invited to answer intimate questions, and has maintained that “Sam” indeed exists, as a man who wooed Meri into a mutual love affair. 

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Kendra Pollard-Parra, a purported pregnant mother of nine,  recently disappeared briefly from Facebook, her lifeline for her well-known social media lash-outs.  The short vanishing act was just the first chapter of developing story. Kendra recently posted a phone number claiming it as the number from which “Sam” communicated with her, confirming his identity. A Facebook member recognized the number, and another confirmed it as a number tied to Pollard-Parra herself.An account administrator representing Kendra’s Facebook group later posted this explanation.

_Posting in Kendra FB group_Catfish_Sister Wives

Post in Kendra's group_Catfish_Sister Wives_Meri

Pollard-Parra is also an account administrator to this account, so a couple of scenarios could be at play here. This administrator is either Pollard-Parra herself, working to solidify her story, or Kendra has dragged another sucker into this mess. Could this simply be a blindly loyal Kendra follower, who is choosing to drink the Kendra concocted kool-aid? 

We have already established that Overton and Kendra are both in the mix, and that “Sam” does not exist. There are underground rumors circulating that this murky mess is evolving into a web of extortion, which certainly complicates the already dark and confusing tale. The Brown family and TLC remain radio silent, other than Meri’s weak admission, that she indeed engaged in a relationship with a woman, posing as a man.  Stay tuned, as this murky story continues to prove that reality is truly stranger than fiction.


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