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#SisterWives Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Crosses Line and Drags Brown Children Into Scandal

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Brown-Family-_Sister Wives

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, is hunkered down, weathering an explosive “catfishing” scandal that All About the Tea blew out of seedy, online  shadows. 

Alleged skilled scammer, Jackie Overton, continues to manipulate behind her computer screen, blurting out veiled messages via her alternate identity’s blog. “Sam Cooper” persists in blathering out his scorned diatribes via his blog, and even uses the comment section to throw verbal grenades at the flailing plural family. “Sam” crossed an ominous line on Friday, when he brought the Brown children into the contrived dialogue.

Overton aka “Samuel, was supposedly responding to a question, posted by a reader (likely herself) asking about the children’s reactions to the embarrassing affair.

Catfish_Sister Wives_Meri

Jackie Overton is widely known to operate deliberately and heinously, in her marked pursuits.  Could this casual mention of the children indeed be anything but a cool reply, and actually a sly attempt to escalate this blackhearted ruse? Underground rumors are mounting, that alleged extortion motives are actively relevant, and this slimy catfish isn’t done yet.

Stay with us, as the nets close in, on this slippery bottom feeder.   


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