REVEALED: The Identity of Dina Manzo’s MARRIED Millionaire Boyfriend

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Dina Manzo is a California girl now, and quite a comfy one. The former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is sitting pretty in a swanky pad, and proudly calls the 90210 home.  About a month ago, All About the Tea exclusively reported that Dina had snagged herself a loaded meal ticket, and was living the high life on the west coast. While we made the journalistic decision to not name names, the Daily Mail has uncovered the identity of the married cheater who is bankrolling Manzo, so the proverbial cat is out of the bag. 

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Dina Manzo has settled in as mistress to millionaire and former New Jersey car dealership owner, David Cantin (pictured below). The dealership was sold in July, and Cantin is now a commercial broker. Dina’s secret lover battled cancer, he was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago and is currently in remission. Cantin supposedly has his eye set on the Bravo brass ring, a grabbing hope at reality fame.  

Dave Cantin and Dina ManzoDina Manzo and David Cantin attending an event in the Hamptons on June 26

Dina met her now exposed undercover beau at a Project Ladybug event. Cantin is married, has two children, and his wife has been seen and photographed at a product push event hosted by Teresa Giudice. Cantin separated from his wife, Melissa, about a year ago and filed for divorce in January. Manzo cared for Cantin during his illness, and is supposedly hoping that her TLC may eventually mean a R-I-N-G. The only dump of ice water on that dreamy fantasy is that Cantin is not the only one who is married. Dina remains legally tied to Tommy Manzo, with whom she separated, in February of 2013. Dina’s sugar daddy has been covering all of her living expenses, explaining why Manzo is able to afford such a posh lifestyle, with a career at a standstill. It appears that Cantin had a mortality shake-up and wants to carpe diem it up, while he still can.

Dina and David have not exactly hidden their tawdry relationship, and were allegedly seen together at Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia’s recent wedding. The display evidently didn’t sit well with the celebrating Manzo clan, and Cantin was reportedly escorted out of the reception, and roughed up. Could reality TV not be all it’s cracked up to be? Say it ain’t so…..

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Bravo is revving up the Jersey reality engines, so what role do you think this tacky romance will play in Manzo’s television future? The tea is officially spilled, and as we all know…Bravo’s New Jersey and anything sleazy, are a match made in heaven. Stay tuned to see how this scandalous revelation plays out, as Jersey style reality, takes shape.      


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