EXCLUSIVE: #RHONJ Star Dina Manzo’s MARRIED Millionaire Boyfriend Exposed — Details!

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Dina Manzo_RHONJ

Dina Manzo, 43, spent most of her last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, boring viewers to tears. 

Bravo’s attempt to utilize a casting flashback proved to be an epic fail, with the few glimpses of intriguing color disclosed unintentionally, via Manzo’s social media accounts.Dirty secrets are spilling off-camera for Manzo, with a detailed and explosive bombshell, revealed EXCLUSIVELY to All About the Tea. 

We have EXCLUSIVELY learned that Dina Manzo is embroiled in a secret affair with a married millionaire. A source tells All About the Tea that Dina has assumed the role of mistress to a very successful New Jersey car dealership owner, who is sadly in a battle with cancer. At present, Dina’s secret lover is in remission, awaiting a transplant.

Manzo’s sugar daddy has been covering all of her living expenses, including the cost of her swanky California rental, according to our source. Dina moved to the west coast earlier this year and has been living the high life. Two months ago, the RHONJ star Instagrammed the following pic with the caption, “Never thought my zip code would be #90210.”

Dina Manzo_RHONJ

We’re told Dina cared for her wealthy lover during his illness, and is hoping that her devoted attention will soon pay off. 

Manzo has high hopes that he will ditch his wife and put a ring on it, before their time together runs out. The cheating husband is believed to be entrenched in the tawdry fling, in hopes of snagging a shot at reality fame. 

We have identified the mystery man’s wife and know the couple have two young children. 

The cheating husband and Dina first met at a Project Ladybug event, and his wife has been seen and photographed at a product push signing, hosted by Teresa Giudice. 

The ongoing betrayal untangles some unsettling questions that have been swirling around the reality star, for months now. Dina’s decision to relocate to California was puzzling considering that there was no job on the horizon, and the source of the endless cash flow has been an ongoing mystery. A weakened man with a fat wallet, grasping for a hot piece of  “carpe diem” explains a LOT. 

To add another twist to the drama, Dina separated from her husband, Tommy Manzo, in February 2013 but the couple are still legally married.

While we know the identity of Dina’s meal ticket, we believe that journalistic integrity dictates that his name remain concealed. All About the Tea maintains that proper protocol dictates that when a private citizen is in the mix, publishing a name is off-limits.

So what part will the mystery man play, as the Jersey franchise logistics continue to unravel? Will Dina Manzo indeed earn her keep, and will reality fame be the reward?  

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