EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel, The Model and Her Boyfriend Respond to Florida Scuffle Video

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Southern Charm_Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm star, Thomas Ravenel was recently busted red-handed, ready to trade a three day hotel romp, for a spot on the Bravo show that turned this South Carolina statesman into a reality star. 

All About the Tea EXCLUSIVELY reported that Ravenel locked down the deal with the Florida woman, after pursuing the obsessed Bravo fan, being initially drawn in by her sexy Facebook photos. Her betrayed boyfriend was tipped off, and nailed Ravenel and his partner, pulling into the agreed upon hotel, ready to kick off the tawdry tryst.

WATCH VIDEO: Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Brawls With The BF of a Facebook Model Over Sex for Reality Stardom Deal 

Fits News reported that an email, allegedly written by Ravenel, was forwarded to them. Supposedly, Ravenel wrote the email to his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, to deny that he was poised to jump into the sack with a sexy stranger… and WOW what an alibi!

Supposedly the email states that the woman’s boyfriend was “nuts, a stalker and a pathological liar.” Cue the spy music, because Ravenel then supposedly claimed that the woman in question was not a sexy Facebook superfan, but a “super secret government agent with a ridiculously high, top secret security clearance.” This high-level position would make it simply impossible for such a preposterous arrangement to go down, according to Thomas. 

“She can’t even be on a reality (television) show as it would compromise her top (government) security clearance,” Ravenel, allegedly wrote.

It goes without saying that no one can authenticate that Ravenel actually wrote the email, or that it was even Dennis who received it. Pretty creative shot though!

We spoke to our original source, a close friend of the couple, who let us in on what happened after the woman’s boyfriend busted up the fun, late Wednesday night. 

Ravenel was apparently raging mad at the interior designer/flight attendant, as well as her interfering better half. The scuffle sent Ravenel home the next day, and the nabbed woman scurrying back to her boyfriend. 

The scorned boyfriend locked her out of his house, ignoring her crying and pleading to be let in. She called the police, and the cops forced her boyfriend to let her back into the home. We have also been told that the pair is ending their relationship, and she has agreed to move out. 

The insider also asserts that the stalker accusation is absolutely FALSE, and that the couple has been solidly together for five years.  This was the first time that the man whose voice you hear in the video, claimed to had ever seen Ravenel. Ravenel later angrily called the mystery woman, accused she and her boyfriend of setting him up, and threatened to sue her. 

The long-term lovebirds are both extremely embarrassed and are laying low, waiting for the public brouhaha to blow over, the source tells All About the Tea.

The simple truth isn’t one of covert government intrigue, just a tale of a  playboy who chose to take a racy risk, and failed miserably, on camera…sort of like his seedy role on Southern Charm.   


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