EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Brawls With The BF of a Facebook Model Over Sex for Reality Stardom Deal — Watch Here!

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Thomas Ravenel_SouthernCharm

Southern Charm turned southern scum! All About the Tea has exclusively obtained a bombshell video, shockingly exposing Southern Charm’s star Thomas Ravenel, in a power scuffle, triggered by a scandalous social-media arranged hookup. 

Our exclusive informant tells the shocking tale, with the main players being revealed as the son of a a former South Carolina Congressman turned reality TV star, and a Bravo fan, allegedly willing to do anything to take the reality stage.

The eyewitness claims that the woman in question is a Florida based, part time flight attendant, interior designer, and model who is obsessed with reality television. She regularly posts her modeling pictures on social media, which apparently caught the eye of Ravenel, who began liking all of her photos. Shortly after that, Ravenel made contact with the model, via Facebook messaging, and the duo began an ongoing communication. 

Our source asserts that the messages heated up, resulting in Ravenel striking a bargain with her, to exchange three nights with him in a local hotel, for a spot on the Bravo show, Southern Charm. It was an offer she evidently couldn’t refuse, and a deal was struck. 

According to our tipster, when the fan agreed to the arrangement, Ravenel jumped to book a flight for the next day. Ravenel made reservations under his own name, at the Emerald Grande hotel in Destin, Florida, and on Wednesday, at 11:30 PM, August 12th, he and the woman pulled up to the hotel. The woman’s boyfriend, having been clued in on what was going on, confronted the couple as they got out of their car. The source spilled that earlier that evening the woman had sent photos claiming that she was at a friend’s house that night, but a tip-off drew the boyfriend to stake out the scene of the confrontation. A scuffle occurred when the boyfriend attempted to video tape Ravenel with his girlfriend, preparing to check into the hotel. Watch the EXCLUSIVE video below.

You will hear in the video the man call the woman a “drug addict and a prostitute.”  We were told in clarification, that the addict label referred to a condition described as a worsening alcoholic, as well as a claimed addiction  to prescription drugs.  The “prostitute” reference was one likening a sexual  sellout in exchange for a promised reality dream come true, on Southern Charm. 

Kathryn Dennis is the baby mama of Thomas and their tumultuous rollercoaster relationship was on display for the world to see on their reality show during season two. On the season two finale, Thomas dropped a bombshell when he informed Kathryn that he didn’t want to be with her. The episode ended with Kathryn screaming and chasing a fleeing Thomas vowing she won’t let Thomas walk away from their family. Then after the reunion aired, the couple appeared to have split for good. However, just this past June, Kathryn tweeted the following photo of her and Thomas’ daughter, Kensington, near moving boxes. The photo captioned, “Our little helper in the midst of #moving and #renovations — look at that reach.” Basically confirming that she and Thomas were indeed back together and living together.

Thomas Ravenel_Southern Charm

Thomas is no stranger to controversy. During the season two reunion, Kathryn, who was living with her parents at the time, revealed that Thomas wasn’t supporting their daughter financially. Thomas and Kathryn ended up trading crude insults which included that both of them engaged in a threesome with a lesbian.

Stay tuned as more details emerge from this messy tale, of a politician turned reality star, caught up in a dirty deal, gone wrong.

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