Busted…BIG Time! Teresa Aprea’s Husband, Rino Aprea Caught Flirting with Unknown Woman

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If you’re going to flirt behind your spouses back, at least be discreet about it! A new report claims, Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Rino Aprea, was caught red-handed playing away from home. 

The restaurateur and better half of Teresa Aprea is no stranger to controversy. During season six of RHONJ, Rino was swept up in #MotherFuckerGate, a bombshell scandal that ROCKED the reality TV world. The infamous mob princess, Victoria Gotti, revealed that Rino told her, he slept with his mother-in-law, Santa Napolitano and that’s what led to his first divorce from Santa’s daughter, Teresa Aprea. The couple were married for 7-years, divorced then remarried 11 years later.  

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Now, the New Jersey househusband is being accused of heavy flirting with an unknown woman for hours in a public spot, while his wife, Teresa (TuureSa) Aprea was nowhere in sight, a source tells Life & Style. The supposed philandering took place at Jersey Shore eatery, LA Terrazza.

“He walked over to her table, started hitting on her and stayed there for hours,” recalls the witness. “At one point he was standing in between her legs!”

Rino denies the claim, telling the magazine he was just socializing with a fan, but the snitch begs to differ, asserting that the situation looked far more than that. Rino even exchanged phone numbers with the shore whore admirer, according to the snitch.

A married man flirting with a random stranger when you’re a known reality star is a bold move and just asking for trouble. Are there problems in the Aprea marriage? Tell us what you think.


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