Prison Tales: Teresa Giudice Faces Detox Drama with Convicted Drug Dealer Cellmate

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Teresa Giudice is close to hitting the two week mark at her new address, a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. She should be settled in quite nicely by now, right? A new report is claiming that the adjustment has likely been far from a smooth one, and that Teresa’s alleged reliance on prescription drugs has probably kicked in some pretty rough detox symptoms.

According to Radar’s source, Teresa was a regular user of Valium and Xanax, and utilized several medical professionals to keep her several pill a day habit going. All About the Tea earlier reported that Teresa was also supposedly on some sort of substance during the last ‘Housewives’ reunion taping. The withdrawal symptoms are nothing to be taken lightly, and according to the insider, may become severe.

“It’s going to be a [major] detox,” the source said of the process to get clean, which could last as long as two weeks. “I warned her about that. It’s going to be hell. It’s a cold withdrawal,” the source continued. “You just detox. It’s a really brutal withdrawal. She’ll get sick. She will get diarrhea. She’ll have actual DTs [delirium tremens, also known as “the shakes”].”

Ironically, that site is also reporting that one of Teresa’s cellmate is a convicted drug dealer. Prisons are full of those after all, so that little tidbit is hardly surprising…but it does present an interesting visual to picture a drug dealer holding back the hair of someone vomiting from withdrawal!

According to the prison insider, Teresa is sharing a cell with three other women, in cramped quarters, with a metal bed and a locker being all she can call hers in a dorm type unit, “on top of a hill”. The source also claims that the ex-reality star is getting along fine with the other women, and is seeking to fly under the radar.

“She hides out in the chapel a lot praying,” the insider adds that Giudice “is staying somewhat low-key so far.”

Flying under the radar is certainly a new way of life for this reality felon. Could two weeks gone by bring a physically renewed Teresa? Will all of the hiding out in the chapel trigger some spiritual change? Only time will tell.


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