Family Malice Uncovered: Dina Manzo’s Vile Tweet Directed At Jacqueline Laurita?

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Dina Manzo began season six of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” touting herself as a reinvented, peace-loving housewife in transition.

We have seen her home, and although it looks like a bombed Home Goods warehouse, at least all of the clutter aligns with her new and improved zen persona that she was trying to sell a gullible audience. Her gluttonous shoe closet revealed something different…but hey, even the most centered gal has her weaknesses, right? Unfortunately for Dina, her actions on and off camera  have been glaringly contradictory to the image she has been trying to portray, and the peace-loving jig is pretty much up. One case in point has been Dina’s uncovered mission to lean on fellow cast members to freeze out her sister-in-law, and returning housewife, Jacqueline Laurita.

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Dina has some family beef with Jacqueline, and was reportedly furious that she was brought back to revive the boring as zen ratings of the franchise. A brief look back at her Twitter account during the actual months of filming was startling and harsh, and provided foreshadowing of Miss Zen’s true character, soon to be revealed on the show. Dina tweeted, “Did ya ever wish someones Dr. messed up & used Rat poison instead of Botox? No? That thought isn’t very zen is it? #oops #goawayalready”

Dina hateful tweet

This tweet coincides with the Bravo production schedule that involved scenes with Jacqueline filming with Kathy and Nicole. Jacqueline has made no secret of the fact that she is a botox lover, and regularly seeks botox treatments as well as utilizing fillers as part of her beauty regimen. She speaks of this often, candidly and on camera.

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My first reaction to this tweet was YIKES!! She is referring to her brother’s WIFE and the MOTHER of her two nephews? It also reveals the premeditated, contrived personality that she was designing to sell to the viewers. I would surmise that her scheme of zen has been an epic fail!

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