Family Malice Uncovered Part 2: Jacqueline Laurita Confirms March Filming & Vindicates All About The Tea

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One of the more amusing opening tagline snippets of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” belongs to Dina Manzo who announces, “I’m back to bring the zen!” As the season wraps next week, it has obviously been a failed viewer manipulation, and ‘bringing the zen’ could be translated as bringing a seriously BORING, yet shifty and unrelenting instigator. However, as All About The Tea uncovered a few days ago, this conclusion is almost a compliment, compared to the vicious mindset she exhibited back in March.

Dina posted a tweet stating “Did ya ever wish that someones Dr messed up and used rat poison instead of Botox? No? That thought isn’t very zen is it?”  

Dina hateful tweet

We couldn’t have said it better Andy!!


As All About The Tea previously reported in a blog posted April 2nd, a rock solid source confirmed that Bravo cameras had been spotted filming regularly at the Laurita home.  Jacqueline’s return to the show was later confirmed, and now she appears every week, with the reported hope that her presence will yank up the ratings that Dina and a set of trashy twins have obviously dragged down. 

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Dina has been reportedly furious about her sister in law’s return, and has allegedly sought to alienate her from the rest of the cast. Because Jacqueline speaks often of her love of botox, it was as simple, albeit shocking, to put two and two together and conclude that Dina was referring to her brother’s wife, and the mother of her two nephews. The nasty hashtag Dina used, #goawayalready, was also revealing. When we posted our findings on October 11th, Miss Zen was not so happy, and neither was her residual doting fan base. She immediately retaliated with the following tweet, clearly with her knickers in a twist.

Dina's response to hateful tweet

This was all that the Twitterverse and various blogs needed to get the theories flying. Dina claimed that Jacqueline’s filming started in August, and was pieced in later, and that the ‘real cast’ wrapped in early April. While some didn’t recognize the snotty, passive aggressive “real cast” dig, most knew that coats, boots, and references to the weather being chilly don’t occur in August. Bravo production was accused of manipulating clothing and dialogue for storyline…blah, blah…maybe even a snow machine showed up on set in August? I believe Dina shifted the focus to questionable timing because it made her residual crazed fans forget, that whether the reference was actually Jacqueline or not, one thing was undeniable; she was supposedly wishing possible DEATH ON SOMEONE!


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The ‘best case’ scenario meant that there was some OTHER frozen faced soul that she wanted to “go away already.” While we at All About The Tea never wavered on our position that lying like a doormat had obviously become the new ZEN, Dina was able to raise enough doubt to give her gullible fans a reason to keep the peace and love flowing her way. Dina clearly wanted to deflect from the disturbing discovery that her heart and conscience were capable of casually flipping off a potential death wish on Twitter. The question didn’t float around in cyberspace very long however, because Laurita herself confirmed All About The Tea’s solid reporting with a single, simply stated tweet, “Yes, for those asking, I filmed in March and then some pick up scenes later on.”

Jac's confirmation tweet

I will close with a quick message to Dina by simply quoting her own words…Good try tho..xo.


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